Here’s to Writing 101


Writing 101 was a breeze.

It was a kickstart to mine and a lot others’ blogging journey. The prompts pushed us to our limits and more. I strived to do better and better each day throughout the 20 day walk only because of the encouragement that springed like flowers along the path. Sure, it was full of pitstops, potholes, dead ends, and speed bumps. But even if you were stuck in quicksand, your fellow bloggers would be right there to pick you back up.

Sincerely, to call them fellow blogers would be an understatement. People from different walks of life have become as close as friends, giving each other advice, sharing their take on the topic at hand, and their amusing stories and experiences. This part of the program was like a bonus gift, for I didn’t have the slightest clue that I would meet so many great people along the way to writing better!

Here’s to Writing 101.

Here’s to an endeavour like no other.

An Ode to Books

What is a world?

Without the pages bound together?

Without records of our happenings?

Without the clouds of fiction?

Running wild with the exuberant ideas,

Do writers give words to their thoughts.

Novels, poetry, or drama they put together,

Giving life to what only seems unreal.

Choosing one from the coutless choices,

Poses as quite the task.

Sitting down to live the story,

Through every word, you start to bask.

Dictionaries are an adventure to find words,

Comics are the ones to get away from the real world,

Guides and maps help you find your way,

While self help reads are what make you stay.

Every page is a new destination,

Every chapter is a new revelation,

Every end brings a thirst for more,

Every cliffhanger, you want to explore.

Every bad ending, you burst with rage.

Every book is a stage,

Every reader is a witness to it,

A one-on-one show, go savour it!

Think about it.

What is a world?

Without the text running along the pages?

Without these capsules of wit and wisdom?

Without a place for imagination?

Books are uniquely portable magic. ~Stephen King

Books are uniquely portable magic. ~Stephen King

In honour of today being World Book Day  =)