Dear Muse

Dear Muse,
You know I’m a dreamer. All I ever think if about is of how I could possibly reach the heights that I presently think  to be unreal, hypothetical, fictional even. Yes, I wish to live in a fictional world. And by saying that I hope you overlook look the slight absurdity of it and actually visualise exactly what I do. A fictional world to me, means achieving the impossible. To become known for the words that you press on to me, and I in  turn press on to paper for the world to see, is my ultimate dream. I receive boundless satisfaction in creating things that my mind comes up with very wondrously. So, all I ask for is for you to give me the persistence, courage, confidence, and above all, the ability to conjure mightier dreams. Keep me equipped with the will power to reach my dreams and go beyond what’s thought to be possible by my mind, hands and words. And I tell you, we’ll be good to go.
Off to the land of dream-come-trues! =D

Yours Truly,


Dear Archana,
It’s your muse here. I know that you know exactly who I am, but I felt the need to introduce myself  just so that I could remind you that I’m yourrr muse and yours alone. I’m not going anywhere and nor will you be able to shove me out of your way, because I’m going to give you the greatest of inspirations perpetually, and be super busy thinking of the greatest of inspirations when you press charges on me for abandonment. Because hello? It’s my job to keep you creative, inspired and up to tackle any mountain that lies between you and our might and noble dreams! All I ask, is for you to take some belief in your pockets and run towards your goal, and on your way, learn to jump over all hurdles, every fit of writer’s block and being devoid of ideas. If you look closer, you’ll see for yourself that there is absolutely nothing to stop you if you’re alive and knowing enough to build yourself a bridge to cross over whatever may come. Do you really (with too-many-and-a-half-e’s) want to find your way to your idealistic, far from reach, fictional, what-you-think-to-be-fantastic world? Then, build yourself a bridge that connects you from where you are to right where you want to be. And I assure you that you’ll get there safe and sound, with a fulfilled heart.

Yours supportingly,
Your Muse

Edit (because I’m a wee bit too clumsy and impatient that I clicked post before I could remember that I had to add this bit)This little activity of writing a letter to your muse and writing a letter to yourself as your muse in response was a part of a recent writer’s workshop I attended. I’d really urge every one of you here to do this too and write about whatever inspires you and pushes you to do any little thing you do =) It feels truly amazing and makes your blocks (whatever kind) look like teeny microscopic troubles in front of the mountain of inspiration you will gather. Let’s maybe start this super healthy-to-the-mind trend?

Tackling Blocks

On the onset of a devilish writer’s block that I desperately wanted to chase away before it got anywhere near getting into my happiness radius, I decided to turn it to my advantage instead. Ha! So there, you little blob of unsatisfactory existence.

Upon close examination under my reality microscope, it came to my surprising notice that writer’s block is in actual a shape-shifter. Shocker, right? I mean what else do you not see coming at all, but you know will terrify you at any moment, sending you into a maze of mindlessness?

So hear me loud and clear, writer’s block or any other block for that matter, is a rampant shape-shifter.

All you’ve got to do is battle it to a point till when it turns into something you’ve been looking for all along, like let’s say, some inspiration. However, let’s still go through how to tackle a few of this irksome blocks for those of who are still a little in lost-land.

A Writer’s Block. Write about how you’ve got writer’s block. The words will keep pumping out and you’ll soon turn your bizarre fan fiction into a  best seller. Or, very simply and proudly, write a speech that you imagine yourself to be giving your future admirers about how a block got you one night and you thought you were going to end up raking virtual dust off your manuscript instead of being the star of it.

A Social Block. Be it anxiety or just downright awkwardness, say or do what exactly what’s on your mind and look super confident with a head-held-high cherry on the top. Confidence and self belief that your actions are obviously a hundred percent accurate by the laws of nature, is all you need sometimes.

An Intellect Block. Just put down your pen, or lay off your fingers off that piece of code/algorithm out of which you’re trying to find some logic. Have a laugh over the latest gone-viral baby video or skip to your favourite song playing on the radio. Come back and resume your work and voila! The solution is probably staring at you thinking “How the heck did you not see me all this while?”. If the problem persists, from what I’ve heard from really smart people I know, just sleep on the problem. Take it, lie down and turn over you pillow- so that you sleep over it both literally and figuratively and you’re sure to get it right the next morning.

A Decision Block. Dilemmas are nobody’s best friends. As much as you want to take a yellow legal pad to list down the pros and cons of the equally viable choices (say, like Ted Mosby’s genius idea. If you look close enough, you’ll realise that they didn’t “really” cheer), do what your gut says. Take that path which you think will make you shine a teensy bit brighter than the other.

A Self Esteem Block. NO, OKAY? Not everything is your fault. You are awesome for the person you are and for the person you aren’t. That’s that. Go talk to your loved one and let them tell you how amazing you truly are. Otherwise, talk to your very first best friend- yourself.



Go on then, tackle blocks like a boss, you.


A World O’ Words

Words are my latest obsession. Writing them, reading them, deciphering them, doodling them, engraving them on my desk while unconsciously listening to the mono-drone of class- I believe that they’re what keep me sane.

Buzzfeed drops videos once in a while that are pretty interesting along with being captivatingly brilliant like the Cheetos taste tests (haha kidding. But for real I might have watched that about 8 times now) 😛

Anyway before I waste these precious words with any more mindless babbling, here are a few things that connect me to the world of words. Do check them out, and please let me know about any that you guys know about. =)

I didn’t know how to make a blank space here, so I just whitened out this text haha. I’m smart.

There’s a facebook page called Word Porn. Yes, you read that right. This what they’re all about. ♡


I try out cryptic crosswords and give them my best because they make the hints so damn convoluted. I know it’s supposed to be cryptic.

7 words is pretty fun too.

And then, there’s also whipping up your own web of words to bring this thing that exists in your head to life (whilst making or not making sense) that I adore doing.

Stage Your Fears

I’ve written a post about this before, but I feel like talking about this problem of mine will never be enough. The irony here is that I wouldn’t ideally want to talk about it, since talking in itself is what’s putting my mind through a crazy amount of uneasiness.

There, I said it. Talking to people at times, scares me.

*hides behind digital-thought-interpreter*

But hey, social anxiety gets to a lot of people out there doesn’t it?

It’s just that when in conversation with a lot of people, I don’t open up enough to express all that’s going on in my head. Second guessing becomes my first priority. After everything I say I feel like I want to jump at the words, and take them back in just because of an instinct telling me that I should’ve never gotten into this conversation. Blame me for being anti social, but at times I feel like not talking at all. Being in a bubble where people wouldn’t bother me sounds great. To think to yourself, write, read, skip, dance, or twirl without being questioned- who wouldn’t want that kind of a space for themselves? For a person who’s pretty extroverted and loves to be in the company of people, I think this is more of a phase for me than a series of mood swings.

The rock bottom is when it comes to speaking in public. I could make announcements and informal deliverances without an effort, but when people throw in any of the words like seminar or speech or presentation, my head contacts and tells all the grey cells in my brain to forget everything I’d ever prepared on the topic I was about to speak about. I end up drawing a blank seconds into the speech. My mind starts to wander in all directions and my feet start to tremble a bit because of my inadequacy to get a sensible combination of words to come out of my mouth. The minute I walk on to this raised platform they call a stage, with other human beings even in the slightest looking at me, I lose my cool. Somehow I go from having spoken english my entire life, to messing up a sentence as simple as ‘how are you?’.

Is it just me?

Anywho, there’re no second thoughts that stop me from wordpressing to impress. Haha just kidding. I read this piece about 25 times before posting it. xD


Trying to post much more frequently. Getting there. Trying, to get there.

The Voice of a Cowboy

This is my 5th entry? for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, where you’re given a picture prompt every week to write a short story based on it. However this time, my mind was blank and hence I gave poetry as a little stable boy a try.unnamed

With my pencil and notebook

I gaze and I look

For inspiration to come to me

Before the sunshine does flee

What could I write? I thought

While my siblings fought

The ceaseless tug of wars

And the neighing competitions to top them all.

A topic I’d now gotten in mind

Where to start, I found it hard to find

Should I pen down the times of joy?

Or just say everything & not be coy?

About all of the sleepless nights?

Or the cascading picturesque sights?

Of how my mom and dad don’t exist?

Or of yet how they’re my brothers I insist?

How they’re always here for me?

Or how much of me they see?

About the marathons and races?

Or their quick and gallant paces?

Of how I hold their serene photo?

Or am wrapped up in my warm coat, oh?

How the others call me a mere little cowboy in the stable?

Or of how they think I’m hardly able?

Poor and apparently lonely I might be

But they’ve only got to wait and see

Because words can’t bring me down

As they’re my weaponry lone.

To become a wise writer is the dream

As difficult it may seem

I can almost see it appear

Galloping, riding on my brothers, I near

A content end to my life at the stable

On to become bigger, and mighty able.