starry eyes and snuggles

!!! IT’S BEEN A LONG AND TIRING DAY, but in all the good ways.
I sigh and smile and sleepily snuggle with my blanket, ready for a good night’s sleep and I recieve a hug. And then another one, and another! A warm hug from the feeling of feeling at home when I’m with myself. A happy hug from remembering all the people I love. A wonder struck hug from the inspiring stories I’ve read and the wonderful power of imagination. A hug with a little laughter and happy tears of good times, old friendships, and memories. A victorious hug from everything that has gone right- it gives me love. An understanding hug from everything that has gone wrong- it gives me strength.
Snuggled up in my blanket of gratefulness, I’ve got stars in my eyes and dreams on my mind.
It’s time to sleep now, to recharge for another day that’s one of a kind.
Prompt: Snuggle!


The windows make a thudding sound, as if someone’s banging on the other side with ominous intentions. For a second my subconscious thinks that it’s in for a horrible nightmare, interrupting the little peace I get through the extremely meagre, but eternal bliss of sleep. Jerking awake due to the awkwardly comfortable- yet not so satisfactory position while dozing off on the couch, I realise it’s just the winds being their windy selfs while someone is trying to get some quality slumber here. These happenings haven’t just highlighted the fact that I am in dire need of sleep, but also that I kind of feel guilty of sleeping, majorly because of not doing a lot of things I am supposed to/ should’ve done well before. The constant debates as to what I need to do, when and how much of it I need to do is taking over my serious lack of sleep. To call it lack of sleep would also not be the most accurate thing because I end up saying ‘nah’ and turning the lights off in my head anyway. image What I learnt out of my overly exhausting schedule is that school, an endless syllabus, and facing the fact that your test scores are absolutely terrible might really not be the biggest problems on earth. I chalked out some ground rules for myself, and for all of you who feel me and are also really tired, and just want to plop on to a bean bag chair and never get up. Moving your eyes along the next few lines won’t take much effort. Let’s do this.

  • It’s a good thing that you’re exhausted at the end of the day. It actually indicates that you’ve done something worthwhile with another day that life has offered you.
  • Pause. Take your time out of your shedule, however busy, to do the things you love- reading all that you can, writing your heart out, dancing in the mirror, singing in the shower.
  • A hearty meal always puts you to sleep real quick. Eat in installments if you want to stay up late or just turn to caffiene because food is life.
  • It’s okay to fall alseep mid sentence of your homework due the next day. It happens to the best of us. It would in a way also help you master the skill of writing as you walk towards the bus stop. Run towards the bus stop, because of course you overslept.
  • Nothing is too much pressure to handle. It’s just like how carrying yourself toyour bed from the couch seems like a herculean task, with your mom yelling at you to go to bed and sleep and not lie there all cramped up. It seems like you cannot do it because well, laziness and the lethargy flowing through in your head, but it isn’t that difficult, is it? Also, it’s very rewarding, just like doing your thing.
  • If you can relate to this metaphorical comparison, then good, you should be motivated by now. If you can’t, then congratulations on living a relatively lesser nerve wracking life. 😛

image Okay I’m going to go before there are just a bunch of Zs showing up in my thought bubble if I were a cartoon. In normal people’s language, good night. =)

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