For a person who’s tolerated you ever since birth, not having some love for them despite of all the bitter moments put together is next to impossible.

My sister would be quite the example. She’s 6 years elder to me, yet no different. Establishing superiority using the ‘I have existed for an entire 6 more years than you have’ argument, she succeeds in keeping me from getting my heads in the clouds.

But with years of experience, here’s what I’ve learnt about learning to live with a sibling.

1. No matter how much the inner-kid-monster in you wants to, it is utterly unacceptable for you to pull apart your sibling’s Barbie doll’s head from her pristine and unrealistically perfect body.

2. Yelling ‘Me too!’ after everything your sibling says won’t alwaysss bring you good things, because you might just end up doing a chore because of the same absent mindedness and jealousy.

3. Your sibling will never hear the end of anything, or vice versa. If you can’t rant to them about how you spilled some water on the floor and now you’ll have to clean it before mom yells which makes life so difficult and complicated- then whom else would you do it to?

4. However conflicting your relationship is over the little things, your siblings will always have your back.

5. The movie marathons and the nights up listening to the entirety of a childhood playlist make it seem like the sun will never come up.

6. You can give them your best puppy dog face look and emotionally blackmail them into doing something for you, but when you’re in desperate need for help they are the first ones to realise and run to help before you trip and fall over something.

7. They deep down know that you’ll miss them like crazy & will have an emotional breakdown when they leave home to live their life, but will act as if it’s not a big deal, and that you should learn to live with it, because apparently that’s what life is.

8. They’ll have a stupid little grin spread on their face reading this, and realise that you actually love them and appreciate them tolerating all your endless ravings and rants.

Because hey, let’s revisit number 4 again, shall we? =)


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Blogging 101, Day 4