Being Sick 101

To all those who needs expert advice on recovering from a fever or rhinopha- AACHOO. Aryngitis. Excuse me. Common cold, is what I meant. *grabs ten more tissues*


When your body ceases to be physically capable of doing your daily routine, you know something’s wrong. When you feel the same kind of incapability spreading to your head, you’ll need to lay back and read further.

I’m professor Down-With-A-Fever and we’re going to run through the conceptualizations of how real the struggle is of having to sneeze a dozen times a minute, hence running out of tissues and being able to survive the endless and splitting headaches with adroitness.

Shall we?

Now, mastering the art of making yourself being sick a little fun, is simple in a twisted manner.
Remember, no common cold is too common to neglect!

First, jog your memory and try to remember what that medication your expert of a mom had once told you to take and you’d hardly listened. After finding the stash and taking one of those, all you’ve got to do is position yourself in a way that rests your head in a peaceful manner and gives your entire body space to breathe. Then, relax your eyelids and let them droop down in their own pace. You’ll find yourself in a state of eternal bliss, with the continuous dosage of which you’ll get better with no high ended medications whatsoever. If you have to know, this remedy’s name is ‘LotsOfSleep’ in the medicine language.

This first lesson usually does the trick and is an absolute charm of being a quick, effective and economic way to being less sick in a jiffy.

The generic all purpose tablets meant for curing ‘headaches, stomach aches, common cold, ear aches, nausea, dizziness, and cough’ of which the advertisement narrating person accidentally and absolutely forgets to mention all the detrimental side effects in the long term of? Let’s keep that as plan B.

Additional happiness and well being can be brought through books/TV until your eyes start to strain after which you should most definitely stop, however tempting it may be to finish just that one chapter or episode, which would eventually turn into that one book or season!

A hot bowl of soup is a high recommendation, whichever one may suit you. Nah, chicken soup is really the best. Vegetarians, you’re definitely missing out on the big things in life. Just kidding. Way to a healthy lifestyle! Leave taking care of keeping check on the poultry’s population and eventually the ecological balance to us.

Tell all your loved ones about how sick you are and whine about it to the point where there’s just you on the receiving side of the love exchange.

Cuddle up in bed with your favourite blanket and your sweater on, putting out just one leg because you can never decide if it’s too hot or too cold.

Finally, give it time! Your immune system and metabolism probably had had a bad day. They’ll be back on track sooner than you think. =)