Something the Girl Lost

Writing 101- Serially Lost

A little girl in a yellow dress came running towards the mirror, gave one quick glance and declared, “I’m going to wear this dress forever, because it shines bright and yellow all over the place! Just like the sun!!” That said, the spirited 5 year old set out the house with the yellow dress and the wide grin that she proudly wore.

A 9 year old wearing a denim jacket stood in front of the mirror, looking keenly at how her new clothes looked on her. “It’s just like the one my friend, Riya has, ma! I love it! We both are going to look great at the class party.” Quite satisfied with her attire, she strode away.

A 13 year old stood fixated in front of a surface that showed off her new yellow t shirt, that her mom had bought for her just recently. “Ma! This shirt is too bright.. yellow?! Couldn’t you get any other colour than this godforsaken horrid saddening shade? Another girl in my class also happens to have this very shirt. I don’t want to get embarrassed that way!” The complaints never quite stopped.

A 16 year old contemplated on which dress she would look the best in. After a while, she arrived on wearing a sleek plaid skirt with a top that complimented it pretty well. “I love it, but what would the others think about it? Would I come off as a little underdressed for the occasion? I wouldn’t want that to happen.” With these thoughts running around in her head, she stepped in to the outside world.

The mirror was the same, and the girls were all the same too. Say the girl was me, through the years. Not that I had any insecurities about my dressing sense, but my nature might have had a similar pattern of growth. As she grew, the little kid grew out her nonchalance and her carefreeness. Her diminishing not-caring attitude shaped her to be a refined and better version of herself. She grew up to be a happy and vivacious teen, but also sometimes wondered of the nonchalance that she’d somehow lost.

 Writing 101, Day 4