Tackling Blocks

On the onset of a devilish writer’s block that I desperately wanted to chase away before it got anywhere near getting into my happiness radius, I decided to turn it to my advantage instead. Ha! So there, you little blob of unsatisfactory existence.

Upon close examination under my reality microscope, it came to my surprising notice that writer’s block is in actual a shape-shifter. Shocker, right? I mean what else do you not see coming at all, but you know will terrify you at any moment, sending you into a maze of mindlessness?

So hear me loud and clear, writer’s block or any other block for that matter, is a rampant shape-shifter.

All you’ve got to do is battle it to a point till when it turns into something you’ve been looking for all along, like let’s say, some inspiration. However, let’s still go through how to tackle a few of this irksome blocks for those of who are still a little in lost-land.

A Writer’s Block. Write about how you’ve got writer’s block. The words will keep pumping out and you’ll soon turn your bizarre fan fiction into a  best seller. Or, very simply and proudly, write a speech that you imagine yourself to be giving your future admirers about how a block got you one night and you thought you were going to end up raking virtual dust off your manuscript instead of being the star of it.

A Social Block. Be it anxiety or just downright awkwardness, say or do what exactly what’s on your mind and look super confident with a head-held-high cherry on the top. Confidence and self belief that your actions are obviously a hundred percent accurate by the laws of nature, is all you need sometimes.

An Intellect Block. Just put down your pen, or lay off your fingers off that piece of code/algorithm out of which you’re trying to find some logic. Have a laugh over the latest gone-viral baby video or skip to your favourite song playing on the radio. Come back and resume your work and voila! The solution is probably staring at you thinking “How the heck did you not see me all this while?”. If the problem persists, from what I’ve heard from really smart people I know, just sleep on the problem. Take it, lie down and turn over you pillow- so that you sleep over it both literally and figuratively and you’re sure to get it right the next morning.

A Decision Block. Dilemmas are nobody’s best friends. As much as you want to take a yellow legal pad to list down the pros and cons of the equally viable choices (say, like Ted Mosby’s genius idea. If you look close enough, you’ll realise that they didn’t “really” cheer), do what your gut says. Take that path which you think will make you shine a teensy bit brighter than the other.

A Self Esteem Block. NO, OKAY? Not everything is your fault. You are awesome for the person you are and for the person you aren’t. That’s that. Go talk to your loved one and let them tell you how amazing you truly are. Otherwise, talk to your very first best friend- yourself.



Go on then, tackle blocks like a boss, you.


Metaphoric Motivation

Do you know what scares me the most?
Being able to think of my incapabilities
As deep as the ocean and as clear as the sea
My weaknesses, my handicap, my misguided thoughts
Like when my mind just can’t connect the dots

Because this thinking makes the lines jagged
Missing spots and ‘losing target’, as it’s said
A misdirection gets to me, every time in a panic fit
Every unfavourable situation, I undoubtedly forsee it
Not as smoke of uncertainty
But rather, as a gas of infidelity
With characteristics that defy everything I stand for
The beliefs about which I was so sure
The credibility-destroyer paving its way behind a solid disguise
Almost like someone else is rolling the dice
To this game that I’m unfortunately losing at
And with intense sadness of that
I write this down
With a dipping frown
Trying to metaphorically find a comparison
Ocean, lines, smoke or a game- I realize it just can’t be done

But as I look up, an inspiration I find of mine
The age old, yet golden cloud nine
I regain control from falling
To find the button to accept the call from my future calling
I was going to reach for the stars with a quick stop at cloud nine
Oddly, a figure of speech had shown me that everything’s going to be just fine

The Voice of a Cowboy

This is my 5th entry? for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, where you’re given a picture prompt every week to write a short story based on it. However this time, my mind was blank and hence I gave poetry as a little stable boy a try.unnamed

With my pencil and notebook

I gaze and I look

For inspiration to come to me

Before the sunshine does flee

What could I write? I thought

While my siblings fought

The ceaseless tug of wars

And the neighing competitions to top them all.

A topic I’d now gotten in mind

Where to start, I found it hard to find

Should I pen down the times of joy?

Or just say everything & not be coy?

About all of the sleepless nights?

Or the cascading picturesque sights?

Of how my mom and dad don’t exist?

Or of yet how they’re my brothers I insist?

How they’re always here for me?

Or how much of me they see?

About the marathons and races?

Or their quick and gallant paces?

Of how I hold their serene photo?

Or am wrapped up in my warm coat, oh?

How the others call me a mere little cowboy in the stable?

Or of how they think I’m hardly able?

Poor and apparently lonely I might be

But they’ve only got to wait and see

Because words can’t bring me down

As they’re my weaponry lone.

To become a wise writer is the dream

As difficult it may seem

I can almost see it appear

Galloping, riding on my brothers, I near

A content end to my life at the stable

On to become bigger, and mighty able.