I’m Running for President

Guys, I’m running for president of the world and I’m counting on you to vote me in for more bouncy castles, more fries per order, and more happiness in the daily weather forecast. Just kidding. Although I wish I were not. We recently had our school pupil leader elections for which I stood. With an extremely wobbly and nervous pair of legs, a heart beating wild, and a bunch of friends who had all the faith in this world in me, I managed to deliver my campaign speech without running off the stage mid way. Thought you’d like to give it a hear in my very ‘I am going to rule this world’ mind voice which at the same time constantly worries about tripping on air and falling.
But seriously, I cannot be more grateful to all my teachers and friends without whom’s support I would not have been even close to the strong and tall (not literally) young woman that I am today. I thank you guys infinitely. Also, thanks to my smart ass BFF who came up with that intro, filled with pop culture references to get everyone’s attention haha.

Hello, it’s me, Archana.
Hello, from the other side.
Okay, is it too late now to say sorry?
Because I know you must be thinking what do you mean?
Maybe I’m thinking that you should go love yourself. And, you know, me. Why you ask? Here’s why.

As the school pupil leader, I guarantee to you that I will always stand here as an encouragement for you to overcome every fit of stage fear, exam anxiety, or stressed out last minute homework completion session. Because funnily, I have been a victim of all of those and more, and yet somehow, very miraculously, I am standing here before you on this glorious stage.

As SPL, I will work with my fellow coucil body members to better the best of everything that our school provides us with.

More opportunities, higher recognition, fresh exposure, unforgettable experiences, tastier gobi manchurian*, and better days will all be in our near future.

You may positively look forward to development in the school’s co-ordination in cultural, academic, and sports events.

Ask me a thousand questions and I will strive to answer your curious minds.

Tell me a suggestion of a change that you’d like to see in our school and we will work together to make it happen. Unless you know, it’s something like wanting to bring your electronic gadgets to school. Don’t get me wrong. I’m as obsessed with my phone as each on of you are, but in the case of this incredible space we call our school, we have as much entertainment and fun as YouTube has, our library could potentially be the biggest fandom base of the fictional world in real life, our football ground is Star Sports, and you are the stars.

As long as I’m on this technology metaphor, let me tell you that I believe that our school needs to be like an amazing 3D movie, projecting the capabilities of every single student, that will be worth a million audience in number. So let me be your 3D glasses and let me showcase in all dimensions the insanely talented icons that lie beneath your humble identities.

I strongly believe in the notion that a leader is someone who does not only work with others, but pushes them to the best of their abilities to achieve things they’d only dreamed of. And that, is exactly why you should elect me as the SPL. I take this opportuntiy to thank all the teachers who’ve guided me and supported me throughout my growing years and all of you who have patiently listened to me go on about it. I also wish all my fellow candidates standing for the position of SPL and ASPL a very good luck.
May the force be with you.

*Gobi Manchurian is the most popular dish from our school canteen. Regardless of how cardboard-like it tastes, people still gorge on plates and plates of it.

My Life in a Nutshell

You’d know that I usually don’t post about stuff that happens in my life. My life is no adventures of Scooby Doo and gang. Although today I am in the mood of something of that sort. Not going on a mission to find and defeat a mummy, but writing something about me that struck me a while ago.

I deal with a lot of situations in life in a lot of different ways. Somehow a smile and an awkward, but solving-things-for-now kind of gesture works all the time. A particualr two emojis are my life, in a nutshell. Let me explain.

If you’ve been here only for a short while, and we haven’t been acquainted that well, let me tell you that I’m not the biggest romanticist when it comes to poetry. I follow a bunch of incredible writers who have a way with the pen to produce elegant poems. These people gave me a shred of courage and inspiration to do the same. Writing 201 came along just then and I thought that this was the world giving me a sign, so I signed up. Somehow the rhymes cooperated and I didn’t suck as much as I thought I would. emoji

Oh you’re clicking photo? Wait for me to awkwardly try a new pose and eventually end up doing a wide grin with all my pearly whites showing. My fingers spring up automatically in a peace sign to show how exuberant I am, or how exuberant I want to be captured as in this memory even though I’m severely depressed that someone ate the last piece of fries. emoji *click*

I’m secretly in love with Flynn Ryder. Eugene Fitzherbert. Enough said. emoji

Whenever I do something terribly wrong or mess up with someone’s stuff because I’m in a hurry to reach the library as soon as the lunch break starts (because I’ve already finished my lunch in between of classes, obviously!), I apologize. I apologize and in the end say something along the lines of “I’m so sorry but get this, this probably happened because the universe has something amazing in store for you that would happen only if this moment right here happened, hence triggering a chain reaction leading right up to it. Right?? Okay byee.” Cue teethy smile and peace sign. emoji Cue running away before they pose a remotely valid argument against you.

Sometimes, people are stupid. No matter how kind hearted you are, at times you just can’t forgive a person for being so unreasonably unintelligent on the most simplistic matter there exists. I deal with situations like these by simply nodding, knowing that no amount of reasoning would shut them up. Do the smileyy“hah okay” and suavely walk away before they release the ‘I read so on Yahoo India’ hatchet.
If you don’t know what I mean, Yahoo India has the richest collection of the world’s most redundant news as an excuse for a place on the internet. Take all offence. peace

I’ve got two days for school to reopen and an amount of work to be done which I don’t think I can even count. I’ve been binge reading & binge watchig and doing everything I wanted to do in this break which most definitely did not include sitting immersed in my textbooks. Haven’t started with a thing. smileyypeaceYet. Because I’ve got no other choice and I’m dying.

I almost never get into verbal arguments. I listen to how ridiculous my opponent in a potential mortal combat sounds voicing his/her opinons and just do my thing. emoji I’d rather pick flowers, instead of fights (oh, Adam).

I did a 5 day yoga course recently and I’m not going through the trouble of staying ‘cool’ and all that jazz, and will candidly say that I loved it. Yoga peace. peace

That’s it for now.

Catch you around. emoji

Yours ConfusedAndCrazilyCurious,



Me: Hi there.
Doggy: New person. Get to know. Lick feet.
Me: Woah. Hold up. You can’t just come up to me and act all cute and win me over with your loving capacity. I can’t take you in.
Doggy: Oblivious to human reasoning. Pause to give cute and confused ‘puppy dog face’ that these humans have seemed to take on from us. Continue licking.
Me: You’re luring me into a trap, buddy. Don’t do this to me. I’ve always been terrified of your kind but how do you manage to be an exception, hmm?
Doggy: Happy approval bark.
Me: You don’t intend on leaving, do you?
Doggy: Smile wide with tongue out.
Me: Well as long as you’re here, I’m going to call you Droo. Because you drool a LOT and Droo sounds a lot like Drew which is a really nice name, and I can see that you’re already loving the name Droo.
Droo: So be it, human.
Me: Want to go grab something for you to eat? Let’s go.
Droo: This human has understood all my purposes of living. Never leaving her. Run to tag along. Ecstatic bark.
Me: *forgets to be scared and accidentally spends rest of her life with Droo*

And that is probably how a cute little dog would revolutionize my life.


I mean just look at him. LOL.

Universal Annoyances

So here’s a list stuff that messes with my (and probably your) head with its mere existence, while I should actually be studying for my exam scheduled for tomorrow.

Tongue Burns
This is most likely to happen when your most favourite meal is being cooked and you can’t wait to taste it because you’ve already gone to the kitchen about 25 times in 5 minutes to check if it’s done cooking. Generally your mom or whoever else is cooking it, would give you the stare with a retort of ‘Hold your horses, young, lady.’ Either way, this over excitement leads you to a soul connection to the beloved food, disregarding all warnings of it being steaming hot. So, you can’t resist but have a bite and finally quench the case of food-lust that you have. And voilà! There you have it- a burnt tongue which gives you the incapability to sense any taste for the next 5 days or so.

Pressure Cookers
How is one supposed to keep their mind at peace when the vessel in which their yummy food is being cooked could almost explode at any moment? At least that’s what I think a pressure cooker would do of I leave it on for too long (Hence, the undercooked rice every time). I mean, come on, it literally has pressure building up inside of it. What are the odds of an explosion incident with flying pieces of rice all over the kitchen not happening?

The Captivating Counter
Marketing strategies are at its peak when people are willing to buy hair-products advertised on an informercial by an incredibly famous bald person (okay, slight exaggeration). I don’t know if it’s the midnight brains of people, that still leads them to buy stuff off 2 AM TV or if it’s a mind game that some very smart salespeople have conjured. One of these that almost everyone falls for is the counter of candies, bubblegum and god-knows-what placed right next to the cashier at the supermarket. Those counters have a spell enough to lure a 30 year old man with no kids to buy a kinder egg with yummy chocolate and a toy which even a 6 year old would be least interested in.

Buffet meals are a trap. There you go thinking, ‘Oh let’s pay for a fancy meal and eat all that we can, because we do this only once in a while.’ Hotels with buffets should go home satisfied everyday for deceiving the poor souls of happy foodies. Even when you skip breakfast to make the best of your money and filling your tummy, you can’t take more than a strand of noodle 20 minutes into the meal because that’s how much you’ve managed to eat that soon. Only with strategic planning and shutting your brain up when it thinks of going for the 4th bowl of that delicious soup, can a buffet truly be redeemed.
But all that said, the person who came up with the idea of a buffet system is genius because I personally love it.

Wow, I just realised that all that I’ve listed down’s somehow related to food.


In a nutshell.

Lol thanksforreadinganyway. Bye =)
*Picks up sad, neglected textbook*

Shout-out to punchallyourbuns.deviantart.com for the graphic supplement to comprehend my sentimental feeling towards edible entities of scrumptious-ness.

Unspoken Words


Words bring life to thy emotions
Whenever they get the chance.

It’s like going through the motions
Of a swiftly gallant dance.

Words convey remorse & sorrow
When interjected by whimpers.

And otherwise with love to borrow
They’re the happiness harbingers.

Words are best said as they are
True & unedited, they speak loud & clear.

While otherwise are left unspoken by far
Effortlessly understood by thy near and dear.

Stage Your Fears

I’ve written a post about this before, but I feel like talking about this problem of mine will never be enough. The irony here is that I wouldn’t ideally want to talk about it, since talking in itself is what’s putting my mind through a crazy amount of uneasiness.

There, I said it. Talking to people at times, scares me.

*hides behind digital-thought-interpreter*

But hey, social anxiety gets to a lot of people out there doesn’t it?

It’s just that when in conversation with a lot of people, I don’t open up enough to express all that’s going on in my head. Second guessing becomes my first priority. After everything I say I feel like I want to jump at the words, and take them back in just because of an instinct telling me that I should’ve never gotten into this conversation. Blame me for being anti social, but at times I feel like not talking at all. Being in a bubble where people wouldn’t bother me sounds great. To think to yourself, write, read, skip, dance, or twirl without being questioned- who wouldn’t want that kind of a space for themselves? For a person who’s pretty extroverted and loves to be in the company of people, I think this is more of a phase for me than a series of mood swings.

The rock bottom is when it comes to speaking in public. I could make announcements and informal deliverances without an effort, but when people throw in any of the words like seminar or speech or presentation, my head contacts and tells all the grey cells in my brain to forget everything I’d ever prepared on the topic I was about to speak about. I end up drawing a blank seconds into the speech. My mind starts to wander in all directions and my feet start to tremble a bit because of my inadequacy to get a sensible combination of words to come out of my mouth. The minute I walk on to this raised platform they call a stage, with other human beings even in the slightest looking at me, I lose my cool. Somehow I go from having spoken english my entire life, to messing up a sentence as simple as ‘how are you?’.

Is it just me?

Anywho, there’re no second thoughts that stop me from wordpressing to impress. Haha just kidding. I read this piece about 25 times before posting it. xD


Trying to post much more frequently. Getting there. Trying, to get there.

The Little Dinosaur

*cue informercial music*

Do you have a huge frown on your face when your internet is down?

Do you wish you could somehow magically get it back right that instant because what is life without the internet?

Do you realise that you actually can’t do anything to make it work?


Hit the ‘Space Bar’, because it’s economic and entertaining all at once!


No guarantees of the reviving of your dysfunctional internet connection and your service provider’s disruptive services, but tons of dinosaur jumping to make your sadness go away for just the right amount of time!

Drawing Drag Boxes on the desktop is a highly recommended product too!

But, for real, I somehow just discovered this today. The people at Google make my day.