There’s Power in Pain

I have the tendency to create work for myself even when I am on vacation. Most of it is productive self-growth work, that is actually worthwhile. The other is the human being’s classic tendency to overthink and create problems for themselves to deal with, in addition to the beautiful chaos that life is. To take a break from all of it, and to abandon my to-do list, I sat down with a magazine and a pair of scissors. I made some found poetry!

The fear of failing, recovering from failure, and keeping your head up no matter what has been on my mind lately. I found strength through my found poetry.  I found the strength to take some time off for myself to do the things I love and remind myself to be more compassionate toward myself. I am going to take the lessons I learn from my failures with me and use it as a fuel to continue to energetically chase after my dreams. I realize that it might seem terribly hard and painful at first, but rising up and rebuilding your strengths is what the world is waiting for you to do. The world is counting on you to continue your journey because no one else can do justice to excelling at it more than you ever can.



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Thank you to Writing 201 for introducing me to Found Poetry ^-^ here is another piece I made a while ago!



you are the sky

Day two’s prompt in The Blurt Foundation’s Self Careathon is Obstacles. I wrote this poem on a night when I was ambushed by obstacles of social anxiety and self-doubt. Writing it helped me a lot. I hope reading it helps you too!
an open field. beautiful. endless.
eyes closed, you lie down on the soft grass, letting your mind soar.
you allow your brain to feel every feeling it can, unapologetically.
fear once again
a constant, daunting f e a r
a confusing silence
a calm, yet utterly chaotic silence
and suddenly, the world stops. just for that moment.
just for you. to let you breathe in. to let you breathe in
a passion for bravely standing, existing,
and embracing every one of your flaws
and having the revolutionizing strength to
and love thyself
despite the obstacles that you see, that blur your visions
of dreaming big and chasing the sky
the sky, that is
beautiful. endless. ‎
as you open your eyes up to the expanse
of blue
you see the truest of you
the ability to endure unpredicted thunderstorms
and still bring a hopeful light to your little world
breathe out the flaws you define yourself by
because don’t you see?
you are the sky
Self Careathon, Day 2
Artwork: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

i want to go

i want to go somewhere into the unknown
with no room for thought to think that i’m trapped, in a box
i want to run, and feel like i’m filled with fresh air
and not breathless, stuck in a loop of unhappy unproductivity
i want to be on the go, every second that the clock ticks
to give myself purpose, some progress to take pride in
i want to rest and re-energize and not be too hard on myself
to remember that perfectionism is not the goal
i want to keep running to reach a different world entirely
one where i make every day that i live life-changing, in a way
because with my over-thinking and being overly precautious
i spend my days away thinking of ways to instantly paint the bigger picture
but Euclid says in his fifth Axiom that, the whole is greater than the part
which reminds me to dream big, but start small
turns out, that taking on the whole world at once will be way more catastrophic
than the bite-sized, conquerable steps to success and a happy face
i want to run away from the mishaps and haunting memories
of the past, forgotten, and miserably abandoned
i want to run to keep up with this fast-paced world
to not let the world push me around
and instead, do things i love so that i can
one day, go, and
move the world
WEDIM, Day 7
Kindly overlook the weird punctuation and non-existent capitalisation.
This poem essentially started off with me guilt-tripping myself about why I slept in until 11 AM and didn’t go out for a walk/run. Who knew other dysfunctionalities
of your head clears your way out of writer’s block?

Super You

This goes out
To the young
Troubled souls
Who are down
And weak

Don’t you worry
Because you will grow
Into a super human
Building bravery
Courageous, confidently
With the inevitable mistakes
That make you stronger
As you are learning, everyday
How to be
A super you
But as long as
You are here
Embrace it
The stutters
The fumbles
The breakdowns
Because you
Are you
As you try
To hold on
To this mighty
Until the pain
And the panic
All fade away



WEDIM, Day 5
Thanks to How to Draw and Paint for teaching my five-year-old-drawing-hand how to draw a tiny super you lol 

l o v e

Love equals smiles
Topped with glee
And an ice cream moustache

Love equals happy eyes
Taking in this mighty world
With courage and wonder

Love equals f
For the unknown
And finding y o u r s e l f

Love equals this poem
Strangely clueless, trying
To describe the indescribable

WEDIM, Day 3

night-time routine, by a team of brain cells

Busy thoughts and tired eyes
“Just get some rest!”, my brain sighs
“Too many things on the To-Do”
“Doubts and fears as deep as the ocean blue”
“Your keeping calm abilities are clearly in jeopardy”
“Things are confusing now, but just let them be!”
“Undress your thoughts”
“Out of the insecurities of all sorts”
“Put on your favourite pyjamas”
“And dream, of the moon and stars”
“Wrap the panic-stricken panic in a warm blanket”
“With an alarm at opportunity o’ clock, all set”

“Tomorrow’s another day”
“And funnily enough, this crazy internal monologue.. shall replay”

WEDIM, Day 2

The Wall of Writer’s Block

For anyone who might need this. A bit of writer’s block simply cannot get to you, you wonder of a human being.
The wall spoke,
Of how tall her inhibitions stood,
Of how her sanity it consumed,
Of how all her fears only fumed.
“Stop, you failure! “
“You’ve had zilch successes all through this year.”
“Your words are incomprehensible, incoherent even,”
“Inadequate, incompetent, I can name a list of ten.”
“Don’t you realise that you’re an excuse of a writer?”
“That for a losing cause, you’re a fighter?”
The wall roared, yelled even louder,
The demons that surrounded her just couldn’t be prouder,
And bit by bit, the wall grew in enormity,
Shadowing Miss Writer’s mind in total obscurity.
But in the next moment of a revolution, one look was all it took,
To understand a reality clear enough, that her whole world shook.
It wasn’t the wall that was at it with the retorts,
But it was her own skeptic voice, that echoed back like darts.
Coming to her senses, she grabbed her pen,
And wrote on the wall, strong, emboldening words that did defend.
Tearing it down- the wall that held the doubts and fears that weighed a painful ton,
She saw it all crumble down and come undone,
And, then, there were none.