My Support System

I have a very strange relationship with the outside world.
As I grow up, I have learned to recognize who I am as a person, what values I will fight for the justice of and what opinions I could never side with because of how hurtful they are. I have discovered that I am good at listening, and can offer some good words to a conversation if I’m given some time to think to myself. Though I internally know how I should act and talk and carry myself when in interaction with the outside world, it never pans out like I would imagine it in my head. I panic because of the unexpected turns and surprises that the outside world has in store for me. The thoughts that turn into speech bubbles are so different from what I have in my mind. Because of this discrepancy that I cannot look past, I keep things to myself. I feel defeated at times, thinking that if I always struggle with expressing myself, the world will never see me for who I really am. The reason why I call this a ‘struggle’ is that as I talk about this, I feel like an anomaly. Even though a majority of my brain is always a little anxious about the outside world, it also gets a lot of happiness from it. The people I meet, the experiences I have and just marveling at the outside world for all the amazing things it consists of like poetry, photosynthesis, planes, skyscrapers, how the sun rises every morning, how humans build bridges to travel over oceans‐all make me so happy! These things inspire me and instill a fire burning in me to do something positively impactful for the world even if it’s in the tiniest of ways. The outside world is my support system, while the inner mechanics of my brain work on building creativity, courage, and willpower.
Prompt: Outside+Support
Self Careathon, Day 5 & 6

Hapiness is Always in Vogue

*puts microphone down*
*beams at people who turned their heads/scrolled to see what the heck is going on* haha (need to stop laughing at stuff I say to myself gosh, Archana)

Hello everyone =)
Hi. I needed to do this because I’ve really lost myself in a lot of things lately. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sentimental rant like something out of Keeping With the Kardashians. This is just to put things in order once again. A chaotic, awkward, standing-on-tip-toes-trying-to-balance-a-bajillion-things-at-once kind of order, but in order either way.

For starters, my final exams went pretty well, if you were wondering. I feel like I did my best and that makes me do a happy dance. *returns to keyboard after performing elaborate ritualistic happy dance*

Apart from that, I’ve been getting my mind to recover from plunging into a lot of emotional pitfalls. However legitimate the reasons may be, I’ve learned that happiness is a choice and is truly, always in vogue.

I have been reading quite a lot, which always manages to bring me solace. Talking to people whom I feel would help me make sense out of the things that hold me perplexed is also doing wonders to beautifying the interior walls of my (sometimes) wacko mind. Overall, I want to be back here writing as often as I dream wild and friendly-aliens-coming-over kind of things, which is all the time. My plan is to challenge my writer’s block to a fancy  duel and win without a scratch (hopefully). For those of you who are new here, don’t worry about things being deadbeat around this digital locality. I’m going to be back with a bucket of paint of the speaking my mind and trying to put poetry together kind very, very soon. And we’re going to splatter that paint of awesomeness (patent pending) all over the walls. If that makes sense to you. I will simultaneously be giving it all I’ve got to excel at my last year of schooling (12th GRADE GAHH) and show every test that comes with a menacing grin to the wrestling ring of life who is boss.

Impeccability Isn’t Everything

This is my first post of Blogging 101! Hoping to keep up with it amidst school’s endless works and extreme sleep deprivation.

Describing oneself comes off as quite the task for an indescribable, composite, wavering, puzzled Homo sapien like me. Wow, those adjectives just defeated the purpose of the start of that sentence, didn’t they?

The difficulty of the same might also be the reason for my tiny little description in the About Me column. But, well if you’re reading this, then you’re about to see the butterfly emerge out of the cocoon.

Did I mention that I can go off topic easily and am an expert at making metaphorical comparisons that seem way off?

Anyway,I started this blog in October 2014. I was having a bad day, and was in dire need of some positivity. I somehow felt that motivational quotes or stories would do me no good, so I started writing something to and for myself. It seemed like a big deal to me at the moment, so I went ahead with it. Wanting to start a blog had always been at the back of my mind, so an inspirational part of my brain said, why not today? That’s how come The Answer and this little blog came into existence. It was mostly willingness and aspiration if asked why I started this page right here.

I came across programs like Writing 101 which gave me a huge leap of faith and overwhelming responses as well as feedback to what I wrote. I don’t want to get all teary-eyed, but I actually met some incredible people whom I can probably proudly call my friends today!
Coming back to myself, I’m Archana. I’m growing up, kind of terrified of it, yet taking it up as a challenge. I almost always have a smile across my face, even when I was a kid and had no front teeth. I’m in 11th grade and currently am in a position where I’m trying to figure out how my life’s going to pan out in the upcoming few years. I’m shy at first glance, but it’s hard to shut me up once I’m comfortable with you. I hold few people very close to my heart since they’re the greatest and because of their constant presence by me emotionally and mentally. (Mentally also takes in to account the crazy memories that are forged in my mind because of them) I love writing, and that’s why I’m here.

This might have been a slightly disoriented self description, but well hey, you probably know a slightly- unconventional-genius-in-the-making better now.

Check out Why I Started Blogging? for a little bit on what the title conveys.

Blogging 101, Day 1