Some Real Disney Magic

So the incredibly talented peeps at Voctave, in collaboration with Kirstin from PTX and her boyfriend, Jeremy  put together this acapella piece of a magical explosion that has had me completely awestruck. Admittedly, I have set camp on the replay button for a while now. Hyperventilating over this awesomeness, talking very loudly and excitedly about how truly amazing this video is, are common activities on YouTube camp grounds. Do join in with a marshmallow on a stick.


When destiny calls you, you must be strong. You’ve got to be strong, I may not be with you, but you’ve got to hold on.

If this isn’t some Disney Magic, then I don’t know what is.

You’ll Be in My Heart holds a special place on my wall of songs that will literally never get old. I recollect writing a little about it a while ago for a silly little Writing 101 assignment.

My sister and I can sing this in perfect sycronisation, I tell you! From the background music, drum solos, to the legendary voice of Phil Collins and everything in between. 🙂

Music Without an E!

The Allergic to “E” task seemed like the best challenge I’ve come across, which is why I was super excited to take it up. A huge shout-out to Uday for Nominating me for this!

So, here’s how it works!

1) Write a whole paragraph ( a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy?)

2) By reading this you are already signed up.

3) Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure.

4) If you fail or pass, suffer in the Page of Lame.

5) If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.

Here goes!

NY, Hollywood, Jackson, Mississippi. ♪
*jamming to my playlist whilst air-drumming*

Music is similar to transportation to your mind. It is a flight that upholds you amidst thick and fluffy clouds to show you how our world truly looks. 
I can count on Bruno Mars, Hilary Duff, Avril, Adam Young to instantly uplift my soul. As music fills all around, my mind skips and that blood pumping organ in moi pit-a-pats.

Music taught us that you might not know how to sing or skip & twirl, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing just that.

This paragraph says a lot about my colossal and unconditional liking towards music. A pop-up-notification in that snapshot following this paragraph is just right to justify this amazing thing known as music. =D

What's not to tear up about if your music player says 'Live saved' to you? :'D

What’s not to tear up about if your music player says ‘Live saved’ to you? :’D

I nominate Huma (HumaAq~ the unique me), Lucy (Fashion and Frappes), Saksham (Threads.), Alok Singhal (The Learning Curve), Nooryak (BitterSweet) to take up this quite challenging task (no pressure, I bet you’ll do great!) =) I also nominate all of you who have stopped by to read this for the same challenge.

If excruciatingly testing, it’s also loads of fun. Trust me!

This post was also kind of written to commemorate World Music Day today.  ♥♫

15 Megabytes of Happiness

Writing 101- Commit to a Writing Practice

When listening to songs is such an ardent habit, hobby and a soul uplifter to you, it is quite a dilemma to decide which 3 you would entitle to be the most important ones in your life. Picking a bunch of favourite songs is just as difficult as picking your desired little toy from the claw machine, both being difficult and heart wrenching. Some of you might think this thought of mine to be crazy, but most of you would genuinely agree that a song is definitely more than just a few megabytes of edited, written and recorded sounds & words bundled together. What appears to be a mere four letter word takes moments to unravel and unleash the words that we long to hear, with a hint of rhythm and melody to it, that makes us bob our heads and tap our feet along the beats.

Now that I’ve declared my coequal love for all the songs I listen to on repeat- day or night, let’s come down to the 15 megabytes of music I would miss more than ever if our world were to be ever invaded by song-hungry monsters.

Songs have indeed taught to me a great deal about how I’ll need to face the world, but I Learned from You sung by Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus really does pure justice to this amazing trait of songs. As the duo allegorise the song to be an inspiration to one and all, it also gives glimpses into an ideal daddy-daughter relationship that I too fondly happen to share with my dad. This song especially taught me that strength is really something you choose, and hence rightfully  makes it to the list.

The world renown music legend Phil Collins’ You’ll Be in My Heart had been one of my favourite song since the day I watched the movie Tarzan as a kid. I still remember playing the song on our age-old music player, tuning in to disc 2 of Disney Magic. The lyrics to the song manages to reignite the necessary belief in myself every time, and the drum solo is just something really worth listening to. If I heard the song playing right now, I would drop everything to play my air drums when that part came on!

A lot of my actions and words sometimes drown in the pool of hesitancy, shyness and second thoughts, before they get the chance to be expressed. As Avril Lavigne quite rightly sings, ‘I guess I’m wishing my life away, with these things I’ll never say‘, the song connects to me at insane levels. The song is an extremely cute rendition of a girl trying to be her best in front of the guy she has fallen for. As much as I have, and will overcome this mighty tide of holding myself back, the song will never really grow old.

Since the idea of a song-hungry monster invasion has been put in your mind, apart from all the ammunition, weaponry and arms that would go into fighting them, my personal pledge to the songs at stake would go something like this. I learned from you, that no matter what, you’ll be in my heart and you’ll know all those things I’ll never say. With that, I would shoot every single one of them down, to reinstate peace, order and music.

Writing 101, Day 3