On Feeling Slow

In the current phase of my life, I identify most strongly as a Seven on the Enneagram types. A Seven is always high on energy, waiting to start working on the next big thing. Being calm is relatively hard when your mind is constantly buzzing with billions od thoughts and ideas. Sevens try their best to use this chaotic energy to create something meaningful and share that with the people they love.

However, be it attempts at understanding my career goals or building overall self-development, I have often encountered a major roadblock.

In the pursuit of the things that make me feel alive, I often feel s l o w – so slow that any progress I make seems laughable to my inner demons. Attempts at reasoning with the demons, to tell them I am just working at my own pace never go well. I am always left feeling that I am running a race that I know I am going to lose.

The enneagram website uses the term “cheerful determination” which I think is very fitting. I, among many other Sevens, care a lot about just giving it our best shot. Sadly, society’s perception of success these days is making quick instant-ramen-like progress, or that’s how it seems on the outside looking in. The arduous process of laying the groundwork to make a task seem easy and effortless is the behind the scenes that you don’t get to see in others’ stories. I have been struggling to give myself the grace to being okay with extremely slow progress at first.

Learning new things, understanding my anxieties better, knowing how to not burn the food while cooking, learning how to not feel burned out myself, looking for the silver linings in every grey cloud, recovering from painful events in my life– these are all going to take time and I will be slow at it in the beginning.

It’s kind of like trying to fly a kite. The start is slow and discouraging- but as soon as your kite finally approaches the heights of the blue skies, it soars! And so do you. You start running to keep up with it and to let your hopes and dreams touch the sky.

We need to remember that good things take time. Not knowing how to do something or feeling like you are not good enough gives you an infinite space for growth. Growth sets you free from the evil thoughts in your head. You grow every day if you choose to take setbacks as fuel to keep going. As a Seven, I want to convey this message to you and to myself with “cheerful determination”!

Here are some lyrics that made me super happy when listening to Sleeping at Last’s song, “Seven”

“I feel hope

Deep in my bones

Tomorrow will be beautiful”

“I am ready for whatever comes next”

Thank you for reading my little thought bubble! I hope it encourages you to do some self-reflection during stay-at-home because of COVID-19.

Take care, and I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe ❤

“How wonderful

To see a smile

On your face” (:


Hang On In There

Hang on in there, little restless soul
It’s all going to be alright soon
Take a deep breath
And tune your heartbeat
To match the steady rhythm
Of the familiar pounding of your fears

For if you’re heart’s still racing
Due to something you didn’t get
Or someone you lost
Or some way your spirits dropped
Just slow down a bit
To free your troubled self
From the whirlwind of worries
That’s managed to engulf
Your motives, your goals
Your aspiration, so bold
Your true self along with
The motivation, truly gold
That pushed you farther
Farther than anyone else
Farther than the skies they could reach
Farther than they dared to valiantly dream

Do remember that by true heart
You’re the tree that no tempest
Or no whirlwind could blow off
Standing strong and resolved
The blizzard’s just caught you
In a cloud of uncertainty
Hold on a little while, because
It’s going to rain down soon
And your soul will be dancing
Drenching itself in the downpour of revival
The hope that will now run through every alley
Of your downtrodden strengths
On to flow and fill life into the veins
Of some bravery, tonight

Hang on in there, little restless soul
It’s all going to be alright soon
Take a deep breath
And tune your heartbeat
To match the steady rhythm
Of your happily pirouetting spirit

For if your heart’s still racing
It’ll hopefully soon realise
That fear, merely is a thing
That eventually fights
A losing battle
The valour
That forever rises like a powerful knight

Edited in Lumia Selfie

A totally impromptu/non rhyming poem that was on the top of my mind, plus a totally amateur illustration. Meow. 

Let’s just pretend that I didn’t go AWOL from WordPress because I accidentally happened to go to Neverland and kind of forget to come back. Let’s also pretend that what I just said made sense. Hope you have an awesome day/night/life. 

Hapiness is Always in Vogue

*puts microphone down*
*beams at people who turned their heads/scrolled to see what the heck is going on* haha (need to stop laughing at stuff I say to myself gosh, Archana)

Hello everyone =)
Hi. I needed to do this because I’ve really lost myself in a lot of things lately. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sentimental rant like something out of Keeping With the Kardashians. This is just to put things in order once again. A chaotic, awkward, standing-on-tip-toes-trying-to-balance-a-bajillion-things-at-once kind of order, but in order either way.

For starters, my final exams went pretty well, if you were wondering. I feel like I did my best and that makes me do a happy dance. *returns to keyboard after performing elaborate ritualistic happy dance*

Apart from that, I’ve been getting my mind to recover from plunging into a lot of emotional pitfalls. However legitimate the reasons may be, I’ve learned that happiness is a choice and is truly, always in vogue.

I have been reading quite a lot, which always manages to bring me solace. Talking to people whom I feel would help me make sense out of the things that hold me perplexed is also doing wonders to beautifying the interior walls of my (sometimes) wacko mind. Overall, I want to be back here writing as often as I dream wild and friendly-aliens-coming-over kind of things, which is all the time. My plan is to challenge my writer’s block to a fancy  duel and win without a scratch (hopefully). For those of you who are new here, don’t worry about things being deadbeat around this digital locality. I’m going to be back with a bucket of paint of the speaking my mind and trying to put poetry together kind very, very soon. And we’re going to splatter that paint of awesomeness (patent pending) all over the walls. If that makes sense to you. I will simultaneously be giving it all I’ve got to excel at my last year of schooling (12th GRADE GAHH) and show every test that comes with a menacing grin to the wrestling ring of life who is boss.

Metaphoric Motivation

Do you know what scares me the most?
Being able to think of my incapabilities
As deep as the ocean and as clear as the sea
My weaknesses, my handicap, my misguided thoughts
Like when my mind just can’t connect the dots

Because this thinking makes the lines jagged
Missing spots and ‘losing target’, as it’s said
A misdirection gets to me, every time in a panic fit
Every unfavourable situation, I undoubtedly forsee it
Not as smoke of uncertainty
But rather, as a gas of infidelity
With characteristics that defy everything I stand for
The beliefs about which I was so sure
The credibility-destroyer paving its way behind a solid disguise
Almost like someone else is rolling the dice
To this game that I’m unfortunately losing at
And with intense sadness of that
I write this down
With a dipping frown
Trying to metaphorically find a comparison
Ocean, lines, smoke or a game- I realize it just can’t be done

But as I look up, an inspiration I find of mine
The age old, yet golden cloud nine
I regain control from falling
To find the button to accept the call from my future calling
I was going to reach for the stars with a quick stop at cloud nine
Oddly, a figure of speech had shown me that everything’s going to be just fine

My Life in a Nutshell

You’d know that I usually don’t post about stuff that happens in my life. My life is no adventures of Scooby Doo and gang. Although today I am in the mood of something of that sort. Not going on a mission to find and defeat a mummy, but writing something about me that struck me a while ago.

I deal with a lot of situations in life in a lot of different ways. Somehow a smile and an awkward, but solving-things-for-now kind of gesture works all the time. A particualr two emojis are my life, in a nutshell. Let me explain.

If you’ve been here only for a short while, and we haven’t been acquainted that well, let me tell you that I’m not the biggest romanticist when it comes to poetry. I follow a bunch of incredible writers who have a way with the pen to produce elegant poems. These people gave me a shred of courage and inspiration to do the same. Writing 201 came along just then and I thought that this was the world giving me a sign, so I signed up. Somehow the rhymes cooperated and I didn’t suck as much as I thought I would. emoji

Oh you’re clicking photo? Wait for me to awkwardly try a new pose and eventually end up doing a wide grin with all my pearly whites showing. My fingers spring up automatically in a peace sign to show how exuberant I am, or how exuberant I want to be captured as in this memory even though I’m severely depressed that someone ate the last piece of fries. emoji *click*

I’m secretly in love with Flynn Ryder. Eugene Fitzherbert. Enough said. emoji

Whenever I do something terribly wrong or mess up with someone’s stuff because I’m in a hurry to reach the library as soon as the lunch break starts (because I’ve already finished my lunch in between of classes, obviously!), I apologize. I apologize and in the end say something along the lines of “I’m so sorry but get this, this probably happened because the universe has something amazing in store for you that would happen only if this moment right here happened, hence triggering a chain reaction leading right up to it. Right?? Okay byee.” Cue teethy smile and peace sign. emoji Cue running away before they pose a remotely valid argument against you.

Sometimes, people are stupid. No matter how kind hearted you are, at times you just can’t forgive a person for being so unreasonably unintelligent on the most simplistic matter there exists. I deal with situations like these by simply nodding, knowing that no amount of reasoning would shut them up. Do the smileyy“hah okay” and suavely walk away before they release the ‘I read so on Yahoo India’ hatchet.
If you don’t know what I mean, Yahoo India has the richest collection of the world’s most redundant news as an excuse for a place on the internet. Take all offence. peace

I’ve got two days for school to reopen and an amount of work to be done which I don’t think I can even count. I’ve been binge reading & binge watchig and doing everything I wanted to do in this break which most definitely did not include sitting immersed in my textbooks. Haven’t started with a thing. smileyypeaceYet. Because I’ve got no other choice and I’m dying.

I almost never get into verbal arguments. I listen to how ridiculous my opponent in a potential mortal combat sounds voicing his/her opinons and just do my thing. emoji I’d rather pick flowers, instead of fights (oh, Adam).

I did a 5 day yoga course recently and I’m not going through the trouble of staying ‘cool’ and all that jazz, and will candidly say that I loved it. Yoga peace. peace

That’s it for now.

Catch you around. emoji

Yours ConfusedAndCrazilyCurious,


Time’s Your Witch: #Theory 003

Five Minute Rant Okay, so I’m not great at timing

So here’s the thing. When you think you can get a certain task done within a mental deadline,  it isn’t the easiest task to achieve it. Most times it’s probably because you overestimate your capabilities and set unreasonable goals. Otherwise, it’s because of you getting hooked to watching an episode or two of your favourite TV show- which accidentally turns into a season or two.

*hint hint*

*hint hint*

On an online-binge-watching-youtube-videos-spree, I once heard Oprah say that we all like to believe that we’ve been given this life for a purpose. Most of us live our entire lives in the pursuit of finding this specific purpose that gives life to life. Some die finding it, while some die to find it. Either metaphorically or literally, we’re all under certain pressures to complete a number of tasks to make the course of our life worthwhile. Time, as a lot of us know is an extremely non-cooperative factor, nay a witch. You might think of ‘witch’ as a euphemism for an interchangeably impulsive word which might do justice to the horrible toll that time takes on us, but these pieces of digital text want you to think otherwise. Witches have all kinds of spells up their sleeves. Show them your best of abilities, and they will have just the right spell to defeat you in every way possible. They’re extremely clever and possess the intellectual disposition of wizardry and witchcraft, that outdoes the human brain any odd day. But, they’re also unreal. (FYI I’m all in for team HP, and am also in the process of becoming a potterhead)

For real, witches are a figment on imagination, and so is time. Yes, the world is ageing with every second that ticks on the clock, but isn’t it we who have given numbers to time, and restrictions to time periods? It’s the order of society to go to sleep at night and wake up at the break of dawn. It’s the order of society for a year to get over after the sun rises for the 365th time in a row. Sure, everything comes to an end for everyone that there is, but should time really be a hindrance in doing all that you do?

Punctuality is one thing, but productivity is another. Time restrictions usually mess with the flow of your thoughts and their interpretation. In the hustle bustle of today, the only legitimate advice to give anyone would be to start early and to take your time. Since the rest of the world follows the ticking hands of a mechanical device, play along while you make time yours.

Time’s your witch. (euphemism intended) You don’t have to follow the clock. Rather, make your own rules.

Classic Calvin.

Classic Calvin.

This just turned into an unintentional life theory. Huh. Well, anyway, do check out #theory001 and #theory002 if you’re up for some more cheesy, philosophical yet real and insightful stuff. =)

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That: Theory #002

For those of you who don’t know, the #theory is an indication for ‘let’s have some real talk and pick you up from the pit of discouragement even before you fall into it’. Before anyone says life advice is for pansies, these posts are a humble effort to keep it real. Do have a look at #theory001 in case you haven’t!

Sometimes in life, the overwhelming number of things we set to do often leaves us in a dilemma of whether we’re doing it right. For that reason and to make things easier, let’s go over the things we absolutely shouldn’t do and spare no time for any such redundant complexities in this beautiful dance of life.
Let’s go over what ain’t nobody got time for.

An Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complexes are the worst hindrances you could come across on your journey to success/redemption. In the simplest words, it’s when you think you’re not as great as your peers and that actually matters to what you, as an individual, are doing.
If not encouraged to do better by looking at the performance of others, their success should have no effect on your self belief whatsoever.

Definition: Something that makes you think you’re lesser than others in a way that only lessens the chances of lessening your self-doubt and is a lesson in itself of lessening the lone light of limitations that lies in you.
And that’s every reason to try your best to never have an inferiority complex.

Faux Emotions

Faux diamonds and faux fur look and feel great, faux emotions- not so much. Faking what you feel is very simply being in denial with yourelf. Expressing what you don’t genuinely feel is a waste of time for two people, as a result of which there’s usually one more hurt person in the world when the the truth dam breaks open.
Don’t like the way someone treats you? Convey it to them as soon as possible. Don’t feel the same way as someone does about you? Faking it won’t help neither of you in the least. Think you’re settling for what you think isn’t satisfactory? Don’t settle.
Be true to yourself.
Feel freely.


Relief: Higly temporary and volatile
Usage: Extremely easy
Effect: Hardly any
The only thing worse than failure is sulking about failure. It’s like blowing into a balloon up to the extent that it explodes and then, to keep blowing air into it ignoring the fact that it is torn now and you look like a lunatic. Nothing ever comes out of complaining and blaming yourself for a misfire. Pick up your wand and Expelliarmus the heck out of the situation.
Stop sulking, start redeeming.

That’s pretty much it from the ‘I’m still trying to figure out life and spread the lessons then and there anyway’ department for now.
Do leave any more ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ if you have any in mind in the comments!

Keep On Keeping On: Theory #001

I come up with a lot of theories pertaining to life. Before you knock on my door to burst my bubble, I’ll let you know that I am aware I’m no philosopher. But I am human, and every human, living or trying to live has his/her own notion of how they do what they do & how the world reacts and responds. This is my take on the same.
A lot of times in my relatively short, yet growing life, I’ve felt lost. After a lot of time of being unaware of where to go, I trudge and finally strut along further because the only way out from my troubles I see is to go on. By going further, whether or not in the right direction, (if there is one! another unanswered question) we would be spanning the long journey ahead of us. Laying camp at a spot, not willing to move due to being directionless is pretty pointless. You’ll find countless passers-by with enormous information, if not wise, then a bit different from yours. Maybe that’ll help set you back on track. Otherwise you could believe and trust your instincts. If there’s even a little part of you that says I can get up to go for the rest of my life, then you should let it take control. It might not be smooth sailing immediately, but it would be sailing. That in itself is tremendous progress.
You’ve got keep on going forward.
You’ve got to keep on going.
You’ve got to think forward.
You have got to keep on keeping on.


Life is very similar to a mystery story. You may be leading yourself down a path, oblivious of your surroundings or just be seeing a fraction of it otherwise. Some things you might be certain and some you might not. But some day down the road, it’ll hit you. You’ll realise how clearly, yet cleverly obvious it was in a baffling manner. However, you’ll realise that it wouldn’t have been as much fun as it was if you knew then. If not fun, it would’ve been way different in the least- favourable, or not.
After all, what’s a good mystery tale when you know where the traps are and who the culprit is?

Picture credits: wallpaper-kid.com

An L Board

If you’ve ever been a beginner at driving or if you have ever simply stepped outside to observe a busy road, you sure would’ve come across an L board.

Needless to say, the L corresponds to the driver who is a learner, thus functioning to let the learner’s fellow drivers know that they’re new to driving without knocking something down or almost running over the alley cats.

It’s a heads up to all those on the road to give the learner the little space they need to fiddle about, stumble, and wobble to finally get the hang of driving a four wheeled gizmo on a street full of its comrades.

What if all of us started wearing L boards wherever it suited right?

New at your job and still quite haven’t gotten the rhythm of the work you do? Hang an L board which says ‘new here’ at your desk.

Can’t wake up early in the morning like your mother wants you to? Put on an L board that says ‘early to bed, trying to be early to rise’.

Still learning to perfect a language? Put on an L board that goes, ‘I know only a little of (insert language here)’ and leave the rest to the L, which will let the native speaker know what you’re trying to convey.

At least then there’d be on less impatient, boss, co-worker, mom, stranger-on-the-road.

You don’t see people wearing these boards in real life- metaphorically, or otherwise. Maybe it’s because no one in this world wants to show off their liabilities. But perhaps, wearing an L board and later when you take it off, showing the world that you are now better at going at it than ever, might be much more gratifying that not wearing one at all.
Be open to learning, be open to showing.
Yet, the worst thing you could do would be to wear a red beeping alarm on your head. Nobody likes a wailer!

Well eventually, aren’t we all learning to live?


Life Goals

I want to put on a doctor’s coat, scuba dive to be a marine biologist, teach little kids the ways of the world, create art & expressionism, taste food from around the world & share the experience with people from the other end of this enormous living globe, write a book I’m proud of, whilst working on a computer to actualise creatures that had once belonged only in my mind and do my bit towards making the world a better place with zero forgetfulness.

Just a sudden thought outburst from a part of my brain, whose neighbour immediately urged me to share it with you. =)