Writing 101- Death to Adverbs

A giant mirror lies on the ground, blue as the mighty ocean. I, sitting by its edge, gaze at the beautiful sky that almost seems like it has come down to the ground just for me. The drifting, wavering, current occur due to my legs, rocking back and forth, forming calm, and sound ripples. The place seems so full of energy with the children playing around with their buoyant spirits and their buoyant floats. The pool is definitely a mind masseur. Every time I sit by reading a book or listening to music, the relaxation, nay the sensation of serenity, is like nothing else. Just a touch of the wind is quite enough to keep the water in a calm and constant motion. Just a touch of sunshine is well enough to get the transparent depths of water shimmering like show lights. The atmosphere is in itself a treat; with people diving in, trying to teach their terrified kid how to swing his arms, and a few people floating on their backs like they’ve just been freed of the last worry they’d had. Sometimes, the urge to jump right in comes on pretty strong. Then somehow my mind is reminded that I might  not be skilled enough to be rewarded the best swimmer award, if not the best almost-drowner-award. I sit by the side sippin’ on sunshine, and do what I do.

But sometimes, the weather isn’t the greatest, and the sun isn’t around. The kids aren’t there and nor is the chattering. The pool is deserted save you by the side, along with your best buddy and the endless conversation. The breeze gives the perfect touch to make the experience just as enjoyable, if not more!


Writing 101, Day 8