A Vacation ‘Abode’

When you’re tired of the seemingly non-existent exhaustion of your month long summer holidays, your head starts to wander. It goes over thinking of all the possible places it would rather be. First come the wild imaginary situations, mostly utopian, that it wishes would come true for once. Then, there are the fantasized vacations that you would so ardently go on, if you just had the money, power and permission to go. London, Paris, New York? Heck, our world has advanced far enough to be facilitating one way trips to Mars!  From gallivanting through the crowded streets going shop-to-shop; to doing a zero gravity walk, it takes a while before your little bubble of daydream bursts. There you are; sitting at home in your pyjamas, engulfed in the longing of a vacation abroad, that your head has started to wander from wandering. You resort to the one activity that brings you instant comfort- getting some sound shut-eye.

With the rise of the sun the next morning, you wake up with a sleepy eye. You make some coffee while reading the current affairs around the world- who has gotten a raise, who has been ridiculed, which formerly loyal minister has embezzled how much, or who has actually done something for the better of the world. You then decide to make something out of nothing,  and go for a walk at the local garden where you are greeted by the astounding breeze and the welcoming aura of the trees that surround the way. You come back home, ready and energized to take on the rest of the day, hoping you would find something great to do rather than wasting a perfectly good 12 hours that has been provided to you. You pick up the newspaper again, solve a Sudoku or crossword puzzle, and then go through the comics like every other person would do. Stepping into the shower, every living cell of your body wakes up, as the fresh drizzle of water falls against your body and pulses a sound of awakening through your mind. You then read, write, draw, doodle, dance, sing, laugh or do what pleases you and what makes your insides tingle with happiness. Around noon, there’s an aroma in the air that you can’t resist but to follow it. It leads you to the kitchen where your mom is cooking an already-delicous-looking-meal. It’s like a bistro at your doorstep and you relish every bite of the food, with the esteemed chef sitting right next to you. With a filled tummy, you step outside for a walk or to cycle and blend in with the happening of your locale. It feels great to witness a dog enjoying every step of its walk with its master, or children gathering around gleefully around an ice cream truck. You stop for a while to cheer on the game if cricket that ends up with you joining in to play until dusk sets in. Rejoicing the team’s victory you return home, when you run into a couple if your cheery friends. You go home and have a pizza party which later turns into a movie night, and the fun seems never-ending. A while later when everyone is tired to an extent where, it’s getting hard to keep their eyelids from shutting, they head home, and you head to bed.

At the end of the day, you realise something. Your home is more or less a vacation spot, where you can enjoy a nature hike, puzzling mind mazes, a makeshift, yet refreshing water-fall, some incredibly yummy food, have a merry time by yourself, explore and walk around the neighbourhood, meet up with some friends, play a winning game and never have a dull moment!

You realise that instead of taking a vacation abroad, you just took a vacation abode.

HOME_drawingPicture credits: http://bradpike.com/interior/home-drawing