starry eyes and snuggles

!!! IT’S BEEN A LONG AND TIRING DAY, but in all the good ways.
I sigh and smile and sleepily snuggle with my blanket, ready for a good night’s sleep and I recieve a hug. And then another one, and another! A warm hug from the feeling of feeling at home when I’m with myself. A happy hug from remembering all the people I love. A wonder struck hug from the inspiring stories I’ve read and the wonderful power of imagination. A hug with a little laughter and happy tears of good times, old friendships, and memories. A victorious hug from everything that has gone right- it gives me love. An understanding hug from everything that has gone wrong- it gives me strength.
Snuggled up in my blanket of gratefulness, I’ve got stars in my eyes and dreams on my mind.
It’s time to sleep now, to recharge for another day that’s one of a kind.
Prompt: Snuggle!

10 Things About Me & a self careathon

My wise and beautiful mum told me that the life we live is very short and very precious. Life is truly a blessing and we simply must not let it slip away. My mother was essentially just telling me that you only live once, and you have got to make it count. Which is why self-care is so important!

A method of self-care that I tend to be a little scared of is externalizing my problems. The funny thing is, that I realized that these problems were problems only because I was not externalizing them! I have recently vowed to try and link the things that I worry about to real life facts, relationships, and situations. I started focussing on getting my anxieties out of my head and into the real world, either by talking to someone about them or writing them down. And the whirlpool of the overwhelming and overbearing confusion started to die down almost immediately. Once they were out in the real world, I found it much easier to reason them out— ‘why did these things make me anxious?’, ‘how could I work on those anxieties?’, and ‘how could I positively approach the things that gave me this anxiety?’. This was my new magical formula for therapeutic self-care. Sitting down to process my feelings and self-destructive thought patterns helped a lot. Though the sound of it sounds a little uncool and boring, externalizing your problems and having a good understanding of your emotional well-being is just as cool as sipping on margaritas and partying! That is certified information that I am sincerely conveying to you from the terms and conditions of the treat-yo-self department.


Does that make sense? I guess, I just want to say that I am trying to live a little less in my head, and a little more in this crazy beautiful world around me. And I am doing that through The Blurt Foundation’s SELF CAREATHON! I was inspired by the amazing Carrie Hope Fletcher to do this! Click here to find the prompts. Use the hashtag #BlurtSelfCareathon if you would like to join in, or just think/communicate/do a mind exercise using the prompts!

After all, we all need some sweet self-lovin’ ^.^

Let’s get to the 10 things about me, now that the 10 thousand thoughts in my head have been expressed:

  1. i fumble, I don’t like talking about myself, and that’s only because I am terrible at it. Both talking, and conveying to someone why I might be a remotely interesting human.
  2. i fear, and I used to let my fears define me. Now, I try my best to accept them as a part of me and something that I can work on to build better friendships and learning experiences.
  3. i do a lot of math! Math rocks!
  4. i create, be it daydreams in my head, crafty DIY projects, the magic of poetry, code that does things I didn’t think would be possible.
  5. i have leadership anxiety? I do not work too well when I have to lead big things and be ‘in-charge’ of a team. Even if I do end up working okay, I do not enjoy the process. But, I do well when I’m in charge of working on small projects that allow creative freedom with other people instead of them working under my leadership.
  6. i cannot remember, your birthday, due dates, plots of movies I’ve watched, some inside jokes or much of anything. My memory is not reliable. I always write things down and make reminders to keep my life from falling apart. I also always write down good memories so that I can revisit them.
  7. i plan! I love my planner and giving my day a concrete structure than I can do a fun little dance of productivity on gives me happiness.
  8. i fall in love with people and places a lot. I always try to make everywhere I go feel like home. With people, it isn’t even sensible romantic love because I become emotionally invested in people I haven’t even known for too long. It’s a good feeling because I always see the best in people and try to help them through the worst. As for my love life… ahahaha
    • *stands 18 feet away from the person I like*
      *admires from afar*
      “what a wonderful human being”
      “i love this human”
    • the end
  9. i love me, i love me not. I love myself, but I am also ironically very self-critical.
  10. i heart my family. My family is small, but they are my world.

Self Careathon, Day 1


Dear Me

You are alive. You are breathing. You are doing so well. You are a growing human with a beautiful brain filled with potential, wonder, and an unwavering wish to be brave. You are such a sentimental person! You love the people and places in your life so much. You love how these people and places make you feel even more. You have learned about your strengths through so many nights of hidden tears. You have learned to differentiate between the things that build you up and the ones that tear you down. Not being able to sing in tune does not stop you from singing your heart out to your favorite songs. Even in days of having a full schedule, you make time for a quick little smile when you catch a glance at yourself in the mirror in the midst of a busy busy day.
Never forget that you have always wanted to live a big life. Not big with fame and fortune. A big life to you is one where you tell the people you love that you love them, explore the world, explore your mind, and create things that make you, you!
Try not to be too hard on yourself, because you are always trying so hard to learn and grow and discover yourself. Whenever you experience sadness, disappointment, or anger, try to make some sense out of these feelings and turn them into lessons rather than bruises. That is a goal worth working towards, even if you feel defeated at times.


you’ve got this!