Dear Me

You are alive. You are breathing. You are doing so well. You are a growing human with a beautiful brain filled with potential, wonder, and an unwavering wish to be brave. You are such a sentimental person! You love the people and places in your life so much. You love how these people and places make you feel even more. You have learned about your strengths through so many nights of hidden tears. You have learned to differentiate between the things that build you up and the ones that tear you down. Not being able to sing in tune does not stop you from singing your heart out to your favorite songs. Even in days of having a full schedule, you make time for a quick little smile when you catch a glance at yourself in the mirror in the midst of a busy busy day.
Never forget that you have always wanted to live a big life. Not big with fame and fortune. A big life to you is one where you tell the people you love that you love them, explore the world, explore your mind, and create things that make you, you!
Try not to be too hard on yourself, because you are always trying so hard to learn and grow and discover yourself. Whenever you experience sadness, disappointment, or anger, try to make some sense out of these feelings and turn them into lessons rather than bruises. That is a goal worth working towards, even if you feel defeated at times.


you’ve got this!

Dear You

Hello, human being.

Kindly read along if you want answers from the blue planet that you were dropped off at, unshielded, unknowning and unfathomably uncertain.

The world is a confusing place.

Currently, the world’s idea of ‘natural order’ is not exactly compatible with my idea of jumping-in-the-air happiness. And any attempt at pursuing what my heart is poundingly ecstatic about, makes me feel like I’m running a hamster’s wheel.

Turns out that this weird analogy only makes sense to people like you and me who feel like they’re hurtling towards something with all their might but find that the ground beneath them is moving the opposite way. Leaving you making no progress at all, right back to square one again.

I am sorry, but this is not a support group for the lost, the lonely, the not-quite-there-yets.

If a place like that did exist, the troubled wouldn’t be so troubled anymore.

Because doesn’t simply existing seem like quite the task on this planet?

Feelings go binary sometimes- either cheerily content at once, or absolutely lost in sadness the other. Feelings are sometimes a spectrum of continually changing patterns- black and white, with every shade of colour in between appearing and disappearing.

Feelings sometimes also seem like a thing of too little importance to be writing so many words about.

But you would think the world would do something about the whole situation of putting these feelings in our tiny little minds. The amount of faith we put in our efforts, the insistent and passionate attempt at perfection and the constant questioning of the bizarre things that we can’t make sense out of- don’t we always look out for something in return?

However, through the lens of real life, you never see the headlines of a newspaper saying ‘universe conspires to give man everything he wishes for’.

The only possible answer to this mind boggling question of why the world stays so blissfully silent about the blurry mess we human beings often find ourselves in, is this:

You must turn confusion into creation, not chaos.

The fact that we don’t live just to stare into space, watch the fire burn, or feel the water rushing against our feet, is that we were built this way to question, challenge, and seize every idea that exists. And we do this all to make it ours. To turn the world into something we can identify with.

So if the feeling of running a hamster’s wheel hasn’t worn off yet, start working. Work towards what you’re required to do, so that you can proudly look back at yourself thinking, “I am glad I turned it around and got to doing my thing because of which I’m utterly blessed to be living the life I am today”.

Which I promise will be very soon if you try to surmount this Herculean, yet surprisingly rewarding task with me.

Am I shaky on my legs and just trying to be bold with my words? You are a hundered percent right.

But if you’re with me, and doing the thing that will launch you into the stars of success, and leave you with a teethy grin and wide eyes of wonder as you watch yourself enter the galaxies of great and true happiness, I think I can almost see the world smiling down at us.

Dear Muse

Dear Muse,
You know I’m a dreamer. All I ever think if about is of how I could possibly reach the heights that I presently think  to be unreal, hypothetical, fictional even. Yes, I wish to live in a fictional world. And by saying that I hope you overlook look the slight absurdity of it and actually visualise exactly what I do. A fictional world to me, means achieving the impossible. To become known for the words that you press on to me, and I in  turn press on to paper for the world to see, is my ultimate dream. I receive boundless satisfaction in creating things that my mind comes up with very wondrously. So, all I ask for is for you to give me the persistence, courage, confidence, and above all, the ability to conjure mightier dreams. Keep me equipped with the will power to reach my dreams and go beyond what’s thought to be possible by my mind, hands and words. And I tell you, we’ll be good to go.
Off to the land of dream-come-trues! =D

Yours Truly,


Dear Archana,
It’s your muse here. I know that you know exactly who I am, but I felt the need to introduce myself  just so that I could remind you that I’m yourrr muse and yours alone. I’m not going anywhere and nor will you be able to shove me out of your way, because I’m going to give you the greatest of inspirations perpetually, and be super busy thinking of the greatest of inspirations when you press charges on me for abandonment. Because hello? It’s my job to keep you creative, inspired and up to tackle any mountain that lies between you and our might and noble dreams! All I ask, is for you to take some belief in your pockets and run towards your goal, and on your way, learn to jump over all hurdles, every fit of writer’s block and being devoid of ideas. If you look closer, you’ll see for yourself that there is absolutely nothing to stop you if you’re alive and knowing enough to build yourself a bridge to cross over whatever may come. Do you really (with too-many-and-a-half-e’s) want to find your way to your idealistic, far from reach, fictional, what-you-think-to-be-fantastic world? Then, build yourself a bridge that connects you from where you are to right where you want to be. And I assure you that you’ll get there safe and sound, with a fulfilled heart.

Yours supportingly,
Your Muse

Edit (because I’m a wee bit too clumsy and impatient that I clicked post before I could remember that I had to add this bit)This little activity of writing a letter to your muse and writing a letter to yourself as your muse in response was a part of a recent writer’s workshop I attended. I’d really urge every one of you here to do this too and write about whatever inspires you and pushes you to do any little thing you do =) It feels truly amazing and makes your blocks (whatever kind) look like teeny microscopic troubles in front of the mountain of inspiration you will gather. Let’s maybe start this super healthy-to-the-mind trend?

Dear Cursor

Ah, there you are, you little blinking thing.

You see, the way you create this fluent flow using my incidentally intermittent thoughts, you’re helping me produce something that fascinates my own self. Wait, for I shall explain what I mean. Don’t blink away furiously; it’s your presence that keeps me sane. You bring to life the start of my dreams and provide a full stop to my strayers. Your presence here is an encouraging persistence, if seen in the right perspective, and layers.

But on some contrary beliefs of mine, you also manage to mock me as you wait. You wait, and never leave when all of the inspiration in the world has seemed to have deserted me. And as they leave, they leave me clueless, and leave my mind completely desolate.

I understand that you’re still waiting as you always have. Waiting in anticipation for when I will write what exactly is in my heart. Here it is, my dear cursor. You help me blow astounding bubbles of words. Much like the wind courses through a bubble wand to produce beautiful blobs of bubbles that people often chase to catch hold of, you do something wondrous too. You make my words course effortlessly through your tall, proud, blinking self. Producing magnificent blurbs of text that I duly hope people would behold just as they would fascinately look at a bouncy, mystical, enticing bubble.



Gah. Thanks, cursor :’D


                                                                              Image credits: Tumblr

Dear Shrink

Dear Shrink
I think of all the turns I’ve taken
With my life’s train chugging
Tugging at two loose ends
I’ve got cratefuls of problems to narrate
Apparate into my mind
And you’ll see them crystal clear
As fear enwraps me
See, it’s taking over my functionalities
Personalities, interchanging
Ranging from zilch to level infinity
Insanity is in my head
And dead is the decorum
As a forum of thoughts
Has now turned into a blurry mess
Less order, and just more distress
I’ve come to a point
Joint with confusion & cries when
There’s a fork in the track
Back into focus goes one
Undone midway is the other

Please do what it takes
For keep sakes of my life
Giving me direction
Affirmation and reassurances
That my train does not plunge
As a lunge towards oblivion
Is the last thing I want
Taunt me not
Caught in more depths
Will I be forever

Deter not my thoughts
From strutting only further
Better are days when
My train of thought’s on track
And all my self control finally comes back