night-time routine, by a team of brain cells

Busy thoughts and tired eyes
“Just get some rest!”, my brain sighs
“Too many things on the To-Do”
“Doubts and fears as deep as the ocean blue”
“Your keeping calm abilities are clearly in jeopardy”
“Things are confusing now, but just let them be!”
“Undress your thoughts”
“Out of the insecurities of all sorts”
“Put on your favourite pyjamas”
“And dream, of the moon and stars”
“Wrap the panic-stricken panic in a warm blanket”
“With an alarm at opportunity o’ clock, all set”

“Tomorrow’s another day”
“And funnily enough, this crazy internal monologue.. shall replay”

WEDIM, Day 2

Unspoken Words


Words bring life to thy emotions
Whenever they get the chance.

It’s like going through the motions
Of a swiftly gallant dance.

Words convey remorse & sorrow
When interjected by whimpers.

And otherwise with love to borrow
They’re the happiness harbingers.

Words are best said as they are
True & unedited, they speak loud & clear.

While otherwise are left unspoken by far
Effortlessly understood by thy near and dear.