I’m Archana- an avid reader, writer, programmer, daydreamer, aspirer, a kid at heart and doubtlessly Confused and Crazily Curious. I’m best at thinking out loud and trying to do it justice while putting my bizarre thoughts on paper.

To get to know some random facts about the person I am, click here. =)

Want some more? Haha, wait, really?

Here you go.


41 thoughts on “About

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      • I don’t know where I’ve been! HOW have I missed you? What is this life! Damnit, I’m so happy right now and I’m fangirling over your blog AAAARGH!
        Archana is the coolest name ever.


      • Yes. The stars must have aligned today. Because we have met. Okay no, the stars will allign today now that we’ve met. This moment right here- monumental.
        You’ll find quite a lot of Archanas from where I’m from xP but I guess it is not half-bad.
        Elm is badass. That’s the word. How amazing must it feel to be like ‘Hey, call me Elm.’
        Just wait. I’m about to stalk your blog real bad. xD

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      • Dear lawd, I’m scared now. Please, I’ve been a good girl!
        I WISH Elm was my real name. That would be so cool. I’d be like, “Hi. You don’t know who I am, but just call me Elm or something.” BOOOOOOM.


      • Rofl. You’re crazy. xD having 50 names for yourself is a life time achievement. Stand taller.
        Umm haha it’s pronounced ‘arch’ as in ‘I went through the arch of TheBestStoreEver to find my brand new caravan.’, the ‘an’ like how un is pronounced in fun and ‘a’ as in ‘Ah, my caravan is freaking awesome.’

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      • OMFG I love you right now for your pronunciation tips.
        GAH, I have so many names it’s ridiculous. Gemma, Elm, etc etc etc. Y’know? I could fill a caravan with ’em.
        Whereabouts do you come from? πŸ˜€

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