There’s Power in Pain

I have the tendency to create work for myself even when I am on vacation. Most of it is productive self-growth work, that is actually worthwhile. The other is the human being’s classic tendency to overthink and create problems for themselves to deal with, in addition to the beautiful chaos that life is. To take a break from all of it, and to abandon my to-do list, I sat down with a magazine and a pair of scissors. I made some found poetry!

The fear of failing, recovering from failure, and keeping your head up no matter what has been on my mind lately. I found strength through my found poetry.  I found the strength to take some time off for myself to do the things I love and remind myself to be more compassionate toward myself. I am going to take the lessons I learn from my failures with me and use it as a fuel to continue to energetically chase after my dreams. I realize that it might seem terribly hard and painful at first, but rising up and rebuilding your strengths is what the world is waiting for you to do. The world is counting on you to continue your journey because no one else can do justice to excelling at it more than you ever can.



IMG_20190113_163649706_HDR (1).jpg


Thank you to Writing 201 for introducing me to Found Poetry ^-^ here is another piece I made a while ago!



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