I’m Blue, But That’s Okay

Sometimes, you’ll be blue, and that’s okay.
You’ll feel like nothing makes sense.
Your thought bubbles will be sad.

Your words won’t make any sense.

You won’t like waking up.
You won’t like going to bed.
You will question your very existence.
You will feel a little less like your happy little self.
In My Head
Communicating will get difficult.
Doing the things you love will seem ridiculously impossible.
You’ll find the strangest ability to list a thousand ways that you’re feeling miserable.
Sentences will get longer, and more jagged and filled with tears and worry and anxiety and uncertainty.
A tiny blue soul from the other side of this digital separation is here with you, and all you need to know now that it’s okay.
It’s okay to feel like this.
It’s okay if your thoughts are amiss.
It’s okay if all you feel like you are, right now, is sad.
It’s okay if you feel like you’re helplessly and unexplainably going mad.
Accept it all. Say hi to the sadness. Invite it in for a cup of tea. Because turns out the more you fight it, more will it feel like staying on a permanent vacation in your beautiful head.
Sometimes, you’ll be blue, and that’s okay.
Here is a short music-playlist-bandaid for emergency reassurance to anyone out there in the ‘I’m blue and that’s okay’ community.