Dear You

Hello, human being.

Kindly read along if you want answers from the blue planet that you were dropped off at, unshielded, unknowning and unfathomably uncertain.

The world is a confusing place.

Currently, the world’s idea of ‘natural order’ is not exactly compatible with my idea of jumping-in-the-air happiness. And any attempt at pursuing what my heart is poundingly ecstatic about, makes me feel like I’m running a hamster’s wheel.

Turns out that this weird analogy only makes sense to people like you and me who feel like they’re hurtling towards something with all their might but find that the ground beneath them is moving the opposite way. Leaving you making no progress at all, right back to square one again.

I am sorry, but this is not a support group for the lost, the lonely, the not-quite-there-yets.

If a place like that did exist, the troubled wouldn’t be so troubled anymore.

Because doesn’t simply existing seem like quite the task on this planet?

Feelings go binary sometimes- either cheerily content at once, or absolutely lost in sadness the other. Feelings are sometimes a spectrum of continually changing patterns- black and white, with every shade of colour in between appearing and disappearing.

Feelings sometimes also seem like a thing of too little importance to be writing so many words about.

But you would think the world would do something about the whole situation of putting these feelings in our tiny little minds. The amount of faith we put in our efforts, the insistent and passionate attempt at perfection and the constant questioning of the bizarre things that we can’t make sense out of- don’t we always look out for something in return?

However, through the lens of real life, you never see the headlines of a newspaper saying ‘universe conspires to give man everything he wishes for’.

The only possible answer to this mind boggling question of why the world stays so blissfully silent about the blurry mess we human beings often find ourselves in, is this:

You must turn confusion into creation, not chaos.

The fact that we don’t live just to stare into space, watch the fire burn, or feel the water rushing against our feet, is that we were built this way to question, challenge, and seize every idea that exists. And we do this all to make it ours. To turn the world into something we can identify with.

So if the feeling of running a hamster’s wheel hasn’t worn off yet, start working. Work towards what you’re required to do, so that you can proudly look back at yourself thinking, “I am glad I turned it around and got to doing my thing because of which I’m utterly blessed to be living the life I am today”.

Which I promise will be very soon if you try to surmount this Herculean, yet surprisingly rewarding task with me.

Am I shaky on my legs and just trying to be bold with my words? You are a hundered percent right.

But if you’re with me, and doing the thing that will launch you into the stars of success, and leave you with a teethy grin and wide eyes of wonder as you watch yourself enter the galaxies of great and true happiness, I think I can almost see the world smiling down at us.