The Wall of Writer’s Block

For anyone who might need this. A bit of writer’s block simply cannot get to you, you wonder of a human being.
The wall spoke,
Of how tall her inhibitions stood,
Of how her sanity it consumed,
Of how all her fears only fumed.
“Stop, you failure! “
“You’ve had zilch successes all through this year.”
“Your words are incomprehensible, incoherent even,”
“Inadequate, incompetent, I can name a list of ten.”
“Don’t you realise that you’re an excuse of a writer?”
“That for a losing cause, you’re a fighter?”
The wall roared, yelled even louder,
The demons that surrounded her just couldn’t be prouder,
And bit by bit, the wall grew in enormity,
Shadowing Miss Writer’s mind in total obscurity.
But in the next moment of a revolution, one look was all it took,
To understand a reality clear enough, that her whole world shook.
It wasn’t the wall that was at it with the retorts,
But it was her own skeptic voice, that echoed back like darts.
Coming to her senses, she grabbed her pen,
And wrote on the wall, strong, emboldening words that did defend.
Tearing it down- the wall that held the doubts and fears that weighed a painful ton,
She saw it all crumble down and come undone,
And, then, there were none.

Battles, Doom and Conquering ’em All #Theory 007

I have tried writing something for this digital space I love so much, a thousand times by now but had no idea how to you know, do it, and so *boop* I deleted  it. But here it is, reformed, uncrumpled and just.. here.

Today, let’s talk battles. We’ve all got them. Yours are probably different than mine and you probably handle yours differently than I do. The fearless bunch amongst us, karate chop the heck out of the situation, slaying, with ninja reflexes of thinking, deciding and acting upon it. People from the other more shadowy realm of overthinking, indecisiveness and just more overthinking, often run a fever of ferocious fear in their hearts. But they’re not to blame at all. Some battles are gigantic, in front of which you feel miserable and helplessly small. Some are like a tsunami wave that catches you so off guard that you start questioning all your efforts and their uncertain fruitfulness. Some are as big and scary as being in a void outside of the universe, from where it looks like everything is moving way too fast and you, are just static.

So, yes, battles are scary. I’m a tiny, yet brave (self-proclaimed brave, really) girl, but guess what? Even I think that battles are herculean, and sometimes unending blocks of doom. If this tiny girl right here is calling herself brave whilst writing a post solely dedicated to how intensely terrified she is, then you’ve got to have the bravest mind to be trusting her with where she is going with this haha.

But guess what? Nobody tells you what’s on the cheat sheet. Heck, you probably didn’t even know of the existence of said cheatsheet! Well, I happened to stumble across it a while ago and let me tell you, it’s got just one word scrawled across it that puts everything into perspective in the echo of chaos we’re sometimes so easily lost in.resilienceResilience is all that you need, to not just win, but conquer your battles. To just tell the universe that “I’M GOOD” even when it throws all its tricks, traps, and crazy endurance tests at you, is really the only requirement to get accepted into joining the squad that leads you right into the victor’s side of the battlefield. But most importantly, resilience gives you a passionate reason to gradually fight back, and simply leaves you with a reason to keep doing what you’re so incredibly going at. So, do just that and take the leap. Victory is waiting for you and trust me, it’s not too far away.

My mind has an explosive amount of thoughts but had inexplicably lost the ability to translate itself into comprehensive little magical bundles called words. I know that doesn’t explain my going AWOL at all but I have no idea what to tell you because I can’t quite understand my situation myself either. My mind’s still running unleashed, wild, and very five-year-old-like though, it just needed some time to settle the battles that it sometimes finds itself fighting. Hope you’re doing amazingly and all battles are being conquered, if not blissfully at bay.