Pow! (And Other Attempts at Understanding Adulthood)

How is it?
To be made to fit,
Into the size ‘L’ of age brackets?
Merely thinking of which my conscious frets,
Hardly agreeing!
Because, is seeing really believing?
I think, as I stand on the precipice,
Between adulthood and a kiddy bliss.

Beyond the vast territories,
Of fairy tales and stories,
Lies what we’re all entitled to,
That snaps out all my colours, turning me blue.

Being an adult?
It’s like joining a cult,
Or that’s how it seems to me.
One that comes with norms on ‘how to be’,
What to profess,
How and how not to dress.

“Ping! You’re 18 now.”
I go down with a comic-bookish-pow!
With reality turning into a maze,
As I’m expected to suppress my fangirl craze,
Suddenly, there’s more to life,
Than ‘nutella or nutella?’, the eternal strife.
Bills to pay for the binge watching sessions,
And no room for fictional character crush confessions.

But after all, the age old adage goes,
You’re never too old to draw smileys on your toes,
Or however else the old wise men intended it to be,
Behind their round on-the-nose-glasses, I bet they could see,
That adulthood is your movie you’d want others to acclaim,
But a movie without bloopers just isn’t quite the same.

Written in the wake of the sudden realisation that I’m going to turn 18 next year. I might just end up doodling on some super important legal paper thingamajigs. Meh. Although, I tried using appropriate punctuation this time around. Who’s already being awesome at being grown up now? Ha.

339056._SX640_QL80_TTD_ (2).jpg

339056._SX640_QL80_TTD_ (3).jpg

But hey, here’s some reassurance

Image Credits: Check out and support the amazing Sarah Anderson ^_^ http://sarahcandersen.com/