Dear Muse

Dear Muse,
You know I’m a dreamer. All I ever think if about is of how I could possibly reach the heights that I presently think  to be unreal, hypothetical, fictional even. Yes, I wish to live in a fictional world. And by saying that I hope you overlook look the slight absurdity of it and actually visualise exactly what I do. A fictional world to me, means achieving the impossible. To become known for the words that you press on to me, and I in  turn press on to paper for the world to see, is my ultimate dream. I receive boundless satisfaction in creating things that my mind comes up with very wondrously. So, all I ask for is for you to give me the persistence, courage, confidence, and above all, the ability to conjure mightier dreams. Keep me equipped with the will power to reach my dreams and go beyond what’s thought to be possible by my mind, hands and words. And I tell you, we’ll be good to go.
Off to the land of dream-come-trues! =D

Yours Truly,


Dear Archana,
It’s your muse here. I know that you know exactly who I am, but I felt the need to introduce myself  just so that I could remind you that I’m yourrr muse and yours alone. I’m not going anywhere and nor will you be able to shove me out of your way, because I’m going to give you the greatest of inspirations perpetually, and be super busy thinking of the greatest of inspirations when you press charges on me for abandonment. Because hello? It’s my job to keep you creative, inspired and up to tackle any mountain that lies between you and our might and noble dreams! All I ask, is for you to take some belief in your pockets and run towards your goal, and on your way, learn to jump over all hurdles, every fit of writer’s block and being devoid of ideas. If you look closer, you’ll see for yourself that there is absolutely nothing to stop you if you’re alive and knowing enough to build yourself a bridge to cross over whatever may come. Do you really (with too-many-and-a-half-e’s) want to find your way to your idealistic, far from reach, fictional, what-you-think-to-be-fantastic world? Then, build yourself a bridge that connects you from where you are to right where you want to be. And I assure you that you’ll get there safe and sound, with a fulfilled heart.

Yours supportingly,
Your Muse

Edit (because I’m a wee bit too clumsy and impatient that I clicked post before I could remember that I had to add this bit)This little activity of writing a letter to your muse and writing a letter to yourself as your muse in response was a part of a recent writer’s workshop I attended. I’d really urge every one of you here to do this too and write about whatever inspires you and pushes you to do any little thing you do =) It feels truly amazing and makes your blocks (whatever kind) look like teeny microscopic troubles in front of the mountain of inspiration you will gather. Let’s maybe start this super healthy-to-the-mind trend?

Hapiness is Always in Vogue

*puts microphone down*
*beams at people who turned their heads/scrolled to see what the heck is going on* haha (need to stop laughing at stuff I say to myself gosh, Archana)

Hello everyone =)
Hi. I needed to do this because I’ve really lost myself in a lot of things lately. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sentimental rant like something out of Keeping With the Kardashians. This is just to put things in order once again. A chaotic, awkward, standing-on-tip-toes-trying-to-balance-a-bajillion-things-at-once kind of order, but in order either way.

For starters, my final exams went pretty well, if you were wondering. I feel like I did my best and that makes me do a happy dance. *returns to keyboard after performing elaborate ritualistic happy dance*

Apart from that, I’ve been getting my mind to recover from plunging into a lot of emotional pitfalls. However legitimate the reasons may be, I’ve learned that happiness is a choice and is truly, always in vogue.

I have been reading quite a lot, which always manages to bring me solace. Talking to people whom I feel would help me make sense out of the things that hold me perplexed is also doing wonders to beautifying the interior walls of my (sometimes) wacko mind. Overall, I want to be back here writing as often as I dream wild and friendly-aliens-coming-over kind of things, which is all the time. My plan is to challenge my writer’s block to a fancy  duel and win without a scratch (hopefully). For those of you who are new here, don’t worry about things being deadbeat around this digital locality. I’m going to be back with a bucket of paint of the speaking my mind and trying to put poetry together kind very, very soon. And we’re going to splatter that paint of awesomeness (patent pending) all over the walls. If that makes sense to you. I will simultaneously be giving it all I’ve got to excel at my last year of schooling (12th GRADE GAHH) and show every test that comes with a menacing grin to the wrestling ring of life who is boss.

Some Real Disney Magic

So the incredibly talented peeps at Voctave, in collaboration with Kirstin from PTX and her boyfriend, Jeremy  put together this acapella piece of a magical explosion that has had me completely awestruck. Admittedly, I have set camp on the replay button for a while now. Hyperventilating over this awesomeness, talking very loudly and excitedly about how truly amazing this video is, are common activities on YouTube camp grounds. Do join in with a marshmallow on a stick.


When destiny calls you, you must be strong. You’ve got to be strong, I may not be with you, but you’ve got to hold on.

If this isn’t some Disney Magic, then I don’t know what is.

You’ll Be in My Heart holds a special place on my wall of songs that will literally never get old. I recollect writing a little about it a while ago for a silly little Writing 101 assignment.

My sister and I can sing this in perfect sycronisation, I tell you! From the background music, drum solos, to the legendary voice of Phil Collins and everything in between. 🙂