I’m Back! (I think)

Happy new (& a twelfth of a) year!

Where was I all this while, that I’m only just writing the new year’s post that I was desperately waiting the entire year to write? Allow me to save you the trouble of having to go through listening to me ramble about how much school work I’ve still got left after months of frantic last minute completing sessions and binge exam writing amidst binge result receiving. This dry spell of more than a couple of days of not writing for this webpage, that I deem to be my paracosm and that fortunately happens to be a part of my life, has rendered a slight amnesiac effect upon the little writer person controlling my writer instincts who constantly tries to remind me that I’m going to make much lesser progress towards actually becoming a writer if I don’t, you know, write. Apart from that, my little writer person also just reminded me to keep my sentences a little lesser in length than a train carrying the entire population of Hawaii in it.

So, I formally ask you to just go with it: extra long sentences, mindless dronings and all.

The later half of 2015 had been a whirlwind and a half for me; an erratic supply of peaceful and satisfactory sleep, several let downs that were collectively a little similar to a domino effect, and broken shards of hope were all part of it. Now before I list down my trivial or monumental problems, whichever category they fall under, I’m going to cancel that event off the agenda of your valuable presence and instead get to the point. The turn that my life took in these past few months (I’m not trying to be dramatic, this is actually some real talk. Who knew there was more to my life than eating and sleeping in perpetuity? Right? I’m forever dumbstruck and taken by surprise.), my blog was literally the only decision I never regretted.

This webpage designed to tend to my every need of a break from self loathing and underestimation has made a miraculous change in the way I take every step forward. In the process it also taught me a valuable lesson that there’s only going forward.

Writing was the only thing that fueled what could’ve been a torn down transportation of efforts. And besides writing, there was you. I would actually definitely reconsider and put you on the top of that two-thing-list, because you’re what kept me at it. The thought of your readership and faith is something I can never be grateful enough for. So thanks a lot. *extremely emotional high five*


Classic Schmosby.

Now before I become a crying mess, I truly hope that you’re having a good time with whatever you’re doing. I advise you to bask in the glory of self-awesomeness if otherwise.

There’s going to be more of fiction, more of life theories, more of poems, more of rib-tickling incidents (my life is really funny at times, the joke’s usually on me though lol) and more inspiration this year and the forever that awaits our arrival. My schedule might be a teensy bit haphazard, but I hope you’re here for them all. =)


Tackling Blocks

On the onset of a devilish writer’s block that I desperately wanted to chase away before it got anywhere near getting into my happiness radius, I decided to turn it to my advantage instead. Ha! So there, you little blob of unsatisfactory existence.

Upon close examination under my reality microscope, it came to my surprising notice that writer’s block is in actual a shape-shifter. Shocker, right? I mean what else do you not see coming at all, but you know will terrify you at any moment, sending you into a maze of mindlessness?

So hear me loud and clear, writer’s block or any other block for that matter, is a rampant shape-shifter.

All you’ve got to do is battle it to a point till when it turns into something you’ve been looking for all along, like let’s say, some inspiration. However, let’s still go through how to tackle a few of this irksome blocks for those of who are still a little in lost-land.

A Writer’s Block. Write about how you’ve got writer’s block. The words will keep pumping out and you’ll soon turn your bizarre fan fiction into a  best seller. Or, very simply and proudly, write a speech that you imagine yourself to be giving your future admirers about how a block got you one night and you thought you were going to end up raking virtual dust off your manuscript instead of being the star of it.

A Social Block. Be it anxiety or just downright awkwardness, say or do what exactly what’s on your mind and look super confident with a head-held-high cherry on the top. Confidence and self belief that your actions are obviously a hundred percent accurate by the laws of nature, is all you need sometimes.

An Intellect Block. Just put down your pen, or lay off your fingers off that piece of code/algorithm out of which you’re trying to find some logic. Have a laugh over the latest gone-viral baby video or skip to your favourite song playing on the radio. Come back and resume your work and voila! The solution is probably staring at you thinking “How the heck did you not see me all this while?”. If the problem persists, from what I’ve heard from really smart people I know, just sleep on the problem. Take it, lie down and turn over you pillow- so that you sleep over it both literally and figuratively and you’re sure to get it right the next morning.

A Decision Block. Dilemmas are nobody’s best friends. As much as you want to take a yellow legal pad to list down the pros and cons of the equally viable choices (say, like Ted Mosby’s genius idea. If you look close enough, you’ll realise that they didn’t “really” cheer), do what your gut says. Take that path which you think will make you shine a teensy bit brighter than the other.

A Self Esteem Block. NO, OKAY? Not everything is your fault. You are awesome for the person you are and for the person you aren’t. That’s that. Go talk to your loved one and let them tell you how amazing you truly are. Otherwise, talk to your very first best friend- yourself.



Go on then, tackle blocks like a boss, you.