I Made A Stop-Motion Video!

This post is exactly what the title says it is. It’s always been my dream to go behind the screens of an animated movie/clip coming to life. And out of a whim of inspiration, I decided to do something of my own! I didn’t have any of that fancy-shmancy equipment of a tripod, or frames, or Adobe After Effects which is apparently a really cool software that makes a lot of things a lot easier, so I just went old-school. I spent a lot of going-arounds of the clock’s arms to make the pictures using construction paper and a tiny, tiny pair of scissors for the tiny stuff. Here’s what my workspace looked like exactly.


The final cut didn’t really pan out as I’d planned it out in my head. Haha after all, what in life does pan out as planned out in our heads?

The lighting wasn’t the best because I suck at deadlines and the sun went home too early today. Stop-motion looks kind of animated-life-like when done professionally, but since this is my first attempt at it, I think you might just have to look past the parts of me having no idea of what I’m doing, and realising that I didn’t even have Windows Movie Maker and the eternal struggle of finding a good BGM. I really wanted the karaoke version of Fireflies by Owl City, especially after 1:15, to be it since it’s one of my life-time favourites and has a really good soundtrack. But alas, in the fear of getting ruffed up by internet cops due to copyright infringement, I decided against it and instead used a really helpful channel on YT called NoCopyrightSounds.

Okay that’s all with the technicalities. The video’s a little wishy-washy but I’d just love to see what you guys think. The idea of doing something like this has been in my head since the past entire week of my exams and however not close to visualisation it is, (much like advertisements of burgers) it became my guilty pleasure (much like a burger!) of doing something interesting and engaging for a change from studying non-stop and falling asleep periodically after a certain number of boredom intensifying pages. My math textbook was lying right there (refer workspace picture) the whole time feeling neglected. So I’m going to give it some attention tomorrow for the exam on Saturday after which I will be writing a proper, thought-out post that I haven’t done in a long while.

And now, drumroll! Behold a highly amateurish and slightly feeble, but high spirited new year’s wish video. Happy new year to all 🙂 , says she whose brain accepts itself to have become dysfunctional now that it’s almost 3 AM.

Hola, and Adios!

Hola, internet people!
The hiatus in my writing these days is primarily because of the number of books there are on my bed, my study table, my dining table, not in my hands, in my bookshelf, on the laptop, under the laptop and.. oh, you get. My textbooks, they’re everywhere. 11th grade has been a tough, tough year and as it’s nearing to being almost done, the exams inevitably have a bulkier syllabus.
I’m working hard to stick to my schedules to cram as much as I can assimilate from the never-ending chapters for my half yearly examinations next week. The half yearly is just a polite way of saying ‘Don’t get freaked out for tiny syllabi of just 10 or so chapters per subject, no not at all. This is just half the scare. The Finals Cannon is still being prepared and totally coming at you. Okay, bye!’ So, you get the gist of it.
I am just going to give it my best and hope all goes well. Although it’s kind of hard to do it when I’m busy being furious over how the timetable has perfectly managed to ruin Christmas and New Year’s for me.
I have got a lot of incomplete posts and ideas for writing pieces which I wasn’t satisfied with or just didn’t have the time to complete. I’m tempted to complete them soon, but will do the more pragmatic thing and take them on as soon as I am able to. Oh, I have recently also been voraciously working on my vocabulary. It’s almost my new hobby. =)
In the Extra Randoms section of today’s classified, we’ve got these.
My electronic devices are acting weird all of a sudden.The air tight scratch guard on my tablet has worn out its glue and has developed air bubbles. They seem to have somehow occurred in a way where a shape of a ghost with two eyes and nothing else, has sprung up on my screen. My tablet’s also does this thing where it dozes off whenever it wants to (its taking after its owner, I’d say heh). And then, there’s my laptop, which has come down with some sort of a technological wheezing problem where it blows out a lot of air all at once, like it’s struggling to breathe. But then again, the fan that works internally is supposed to make things less heated up on the inside, so I guess that might be a good thing? I have no idea.

It’s a serious situation, really.

In order to cope with studying the chunk of my textbooks that I don’t understand entirely, I’ve taken to the assistance of YouTube videos and seriously can’t thank them enough. A professor of an online tutorial keeps referring to a carbon chain (Organic Chem Nomenclature voodoo) as ‘these guys’, making things more comprehensible for me.

I’ve been immersed in books lately. I give it 10 minutes or so to obsessively fangirl about how good the book was and debate with myself of why fictional characters should be socially accepted to be one’s best friends. Then, I’m on to the next one. Life is too short to not read books because there are literally thousands of them and most are indefinably amazing. (I’m reading The Book Thief currently!) When I know I can’t start a new one because there’s a 100% chance that I’d get hooked, I read one of my pre-teen books which bring back a lot of good memories and are short and great in a unique way.

I have also been spreading word about every book that I read and again, obsessively fangirl about it to everyone I know.  So, fangirling is my full-time job now.
2015 has been the most fleeting year by far, which I realised when in conversation with my friend recently. Starting this blog was one of the greatest decisions I made amongst a few others. But, hey I’m going to save those for the new year’s post for if, or more hopefully, when my math workbook’s kind enough to let me be by myself for a while.
Oh, New Year’s reminds me. The 2015 mash-ups and recapitulations are crowding the internet space at a speedy rate and I’m loving it. Make sure you check this one out for sure. This literally made my day. Thanks to someone awesome I know (who must be reading this) for recommending it =D

I hope you’re all doing well too.
Cheers. As well as Christmas cheers. =)
Adios! For now.

Dear Shrink

Dear Shrink
I think of all the turns I’ve taken
With my life’s train chugging
Tugging at two loose ends
I’ve got cratefuls of problems to narrate
Apparate into my mind
And you’ll see them crystal clear
As fear enwraps me
See, it’s taking over my functionalities
Personalities, interchanging
Ranging from zilch to level infinity
Insanity is in my head
And dead is the decorum
As a forum of thoughts
Has now turned into a blurry mess
Less order, and just more distress
I’ve come to a point
Joint with confusion & cries when
There’s a fork in the track
Back into focus goes one
Undone midway is the other

Please do what it takes
For keep sakes of my life
Giving me direction
Affirmation and reassurances
That my train does not plunge
As a lunge towards oblivion
Is the last thing I want
Taunt me not
Caught in more depths
Will I be forever

Deter not my thoughts
From strutting only further
Better are days when
My train of thought’s on track
And all my self control finally comes back