Metaphoric Motivation

Do you know what scares me the most?
Being able to think of my incapabilities
As deep as the ocean and as clear as the sea
My weaknesses, my handicap, my misguided thoughts
Like when my mind just can’t connect the dots

Because this thinking makes the lines jagged
Missing spots and ‘losing target’, as it’s said
A misdirection gets to me, every time in a panic fit
Every unfavourable situation, I undoubtedly forsee it
Not as smoke of uncertainty
But rather, as a gas of infidelity
With characteristics that defy everything I stand for
The beliefs about which I was so sure
The credibility-destroyer paving its way behind a solid disguise
Almost like someone else is rolling the dice
To this game that I’m unfortunately losing at
And with intense sadness of that
I write this down
With a dipping frown
Trying to metaphorically find a comparison
Ocean, lines, smoke or a game- I realize it just can’t be done

But as I look up, an inspiration I find of mine
The age old, yet golden cloud nine
I regain control from falling
To find the button to accept the call from my future calling
I was going to reach for the stars with a quick stop at cloud nine
Oddly, a figure of speech had shown me that everything’s going to be just fine

9 thoughts on “Metaphoric Motivation

  1. To be honest, I don’t usually read poetry, especially in foreign language (English) because I don’t usually get it, but your poem hooked me from word one. And I read it through ’til the end! It was really interesting. Perhaps I don’t entirely get it, but I like the way and the subject you write.

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