Why I Love Animated Movies

I absolutely love cartoons. And when I say that, I mean that I’m that one not-eight-year-old person who would beg someone to take her to the latest animated movie running in the theatres. Or just go by herself and enjoy every second of it amongst a bunch of noisy kids. Don’t mistake me when I say this because I especially love kids, but you can call the ones who interrupt the heart warming feeling of watching a sponge or aliens or a tiny little clownfish on the silver screen, their presence making every problem in the world go invisible, just plain annoying.

Since when I was a kid, I have loved reading books with doodles or drawn-in pictures with a smear of creativity on every two pages that lay open in front of my eyes. That’s where it started, I guess. I loved watching the places a person’s imagination could go just buy unrealistic, out of the world kind of an idea conveyance. Of course back then, I just thought that ‘The pig in the little dress is really cute’ or ‘ The guy really climbed all the way up the beanstalk! I want to too!’. Now I realise it stretches a bit farther in head where creative animation is a wonder. Still, being up to date with all the latest cartoons is my priority. As much as I want to be ‘grown up’ and watch the ‘in things’ that everyone talks about and consider you an outcast if you didn’t watch it, I always go back to my favourite cartoons at the end of the day.



As cartoons evolved from 2D artistic drawings to 3D mystical portrayals, the effect of it on my brain only intensified. This might sound a little far fetched, but somehow when I’m watching made up characters do things that I could have never imagined, I get a feeling that I can do anything I want to, only if I dared. This feeling could come through any other source to me, but that usually sets societal expectations in my head that I feel I’m obliged to meet if I want an honourable place in society.


Okay fine, you get it. But there are literally so many of ’em. I feel bad for leaving any of them out.

You would have probably even noticed this that I say the phrase ‘in my head’ way too many times to describe something (seriously Archana, stahp). Well, I think this is because my thoughts are metaphorically like a splatter of paint on the wall trying to convey something very artistically, but in the process become a little clouded on the comprehensibility part. It’s crazy because a lot of times I find it difficult to say what’s exactly on my mind and it comes out as a random series of words that makes very little sense (or just none to be honest) compared to what I think. Sort of like right now.

Watching a cartoon movie makes that incomprehensibility vanish and brings my horribly excited and sadly stuck thoughts some peace. I get a lot of mind space when I use an animated movie as a stress buster.

Now I know this is a never-ending team of words desperately trying to show themselves as what’s really inside my heart. Just bear with me for as long as these words are bold and strong. This love towards animation of mine is not an obsession that would fade away. It’s not an eccentric ‘cool factor’ that I want to add to my personality. It’s not something so trivial that I would banter on about to you for a bore and a half.
Here’s what it is. When I watch a movie, I’m one hundred percent doing it to escape from reality. Meaning, that for once I don’t want to care about the financial crisis or the ethical downslide that our society is in. Instead, I want to delve into a world of frivolity & fiction where every slide of visuals has uncountable beautiful things happening. Where logic or consequences aren’t primary, but fulfilling your heart and having a laugh are. Where every second is a creation, visually, and imaginatively. And do I even need to mention the songs, background music, subtle humour throughout, that leaves no place to not like an animated movie? These movies are sometimes worked upon for a whooping 5 years, with everything from the character introductions to the end credits on point.tumblr_mqq4xwZj551qfoqhmo2_500.jpg

The only other thing that gives me that getaway from this world where everything is never quite as what it seems, is writing.Which is why I thought this needed to be voiced through these beautiful little bits of text.
And I think it makes perfect sense to me.


You know that feeling when you blurt out all your feelings and feel really satisfied but awkward and stupid at the same time? That’s me on so many levels right now. But eh. *tries desperately to be nonchalant and just shrug it off*

But hey, just 1 week more for the premiere of The Good Dinosaur! *happy dance*


Reign of Rain

With flooded roads, ceaseless showers of rain, back-to-back rain holiday declarations, and a thick blanket of fog donned over Chennai for quite a few days now, the city’s working in slow-mo.

Regardless, the desire in me to fill up my digital space with stuff I’d love to share with you lot of homo sapiens, who continue to amaze me by your virtual presence, proceeds to withstand the worst of storms- both figurative emotional, and literal ones. :’D Whichever little piece of land on the globe that you happen to dwell on, you must have experienced days of an intense downpour. Rainy days most times render to be lazy ones. For those at work, you wait all day for it to tone down, but it refuses to budge. For those at home, the laziness juice in your brain starts to flow more than ever.


Since I’ve been in a lockdown for the past entire week as the clouds grumbled and rain poured, I came up with some brilliant coping mechanisms for rainy days.

Get some work done, clicking and tapping on your laptop, because work done while the city is in a standstill is work well done. You’ll feel like the boss of everything once you’ve accomplished this task. Then, proceed to do the following.

  • Do not complain. Nature is doing it’s thing. It’s simply a system that can’t be meddled with.
  • Hope your place doesn’t get flooded. Make a move and do all that you can as precautionary measures. Do not rely on highly inefficient (sometimes nonexistent) government facilities for such arrangements.
  • Forget your blues and wake up any time you choose.
  • Put on some warm clothes along with your happy socks.
  • Have some hot tea/coffee/soup and binge watch your favourite show, because for once, you can.
  • Go out for a walk when there’s a nice and light drizzle.
    Do a skip and a trot like you’re in a movie and loosen up from all ends. I don’t intend to sound like a poorly written infomercial for ‘Revitalizing black tea’ when i say this, but you’ll get a clearer outlook on life after that glorious walk.
  • Find the most comfortable place at home, and perch yourselves down there with a book you’ve been dying to read, and better yet finish it in one sitting.
  • Discover new music. Music reminds me. Potterheads need to listen to this track that my friend introduced me to. https://soundcloud.com/skpr/skipper-ruback-azkaban  The voice after the beat drops shall give you the chills. Voices, in general. =D
  • If you’re still aimless at the end of the day, there are always those two racing drops of water on the window pane waiting for your cheers.

Above all, I hope rehabilitation in Chennai works speedy quick.

Image credits: A friend of mine who clicks pretty amazing photographs. Do check him out here

Metaphoric Motivation

Do you know what scares me the most?
Being able to think of my incapabilities
As deep as the ocean and as clear as the sea
My weaknesses, my handicap, my misguided thoughts
Like when my mind just can’t connect the dots

Because this thinking makes the lines jagged
Missing spots and ‘losing target’, as it’s said
A misdirection gets to me, every time in a panic fit
Every unfavourable situation, I undoubtedly forsee it
Not as smoke of uncertainty
But rather, as a gas of infidelity
With characteristics that defy everything I stand for
The beliefs about which I was so sure
The credibility-destroyer paving its way behind a solid disguise
Almost like someone else is rolling the dice
To this game that I’m unfortunately losing at
And with intense sadness of that
I write this down
With a dipping frown
Trying to metaphorically find a comparison
Ocean, lines, smoke or a game- I realize it just can’t be done

But as I look up, an inspiration I find of mine
The age old, yet golden cloud nine
I regain control from falling
To find the button to accept the call from my future calling
I was going to reach for the stars with a quick stop at cloud nine
Oddly, a figure of speech had shown me that everything’s going to be just fine

Silent Letters

I’m not exactly the kind of person that has a list of requirements for the guy she would be interested in. I feel like that’s mostly because I am behaviourally awkward as hell and any chance I have of a social endeavour in the near future with someone interesting goes to dust within 2 minutes into conversation with them.

Although, one thing that I would like any human being associated with me, in any manner, is to possess an appreciable and accurate knowledge of English. English is such an amazing language. There’s no going back on that.

Considering the present scenario of its usage in texting and contracted IMs, I’m so not okay with where the world is heading.

Poor spelling or grammar or pronunciation skills is an instant turn off for me. When I say this, I won’t deny the fact that I used to think that grammar was spelt ‘grammar’ and not ‘grammer’ (*hides before getting pelted with ‘look who’s talking looks* I mean, who knew?!). What I am saying is that I do not like or dislike people based on their ability to use the English language. It’s not the king regardless of it being the global language at all levels today. Rather, it slightly irks me when people who do know English, choose to use plz or wlcm because apparently they’re allergic to these wonderful things that exist called vowels. ‘WHY?’, is all I ask.

Do what you want, but do not mess with the balance of English, however weird of a language it may be with things like semi colons and silent letters. It is how it is.

Also, my spelling ability sometimes becomes dyslexic and790838_miley-cyrus-miley-singing-happy-birthday-everybody-makes-mistakes-nobody-its-perfect-happy-20th-miley  I occasionally misspell a lot of things. Like right now (mispell, ocassionally, huh.) But oh well. Until you’ve got space to accept your mistakes, I guess you’re good in everyone’s books. =D  

On a related note, do check out this really interesting article on why silent letters exist that I found on Quora. =)

The Magical Hat

I had once read in an unconventionally intriguing book about a hat. It was a hat that turned invisible as soon as someone wore it. The hat had a magical ability to impart whatever knowledge from the ends of the earth that the wearer wanted to possess.

One day, while watching a documentary film on Albert Einstein, I coincidentally paused at a clip where I saw Mr. Einstein adjust the air above his head. That moment, I knew the reason behind him being such a celebrated personality since generations, and for generations to come. Dropping everything, I sought to obtain the hat and finally live the life having my ambitious dreams fulfilled.

Strangely, it struck me after days of searching that the thing that drove Mr. Einstein was no magical hat. It was rather, a crown of pride and self belief doing its job effectively, oblivious to the world around it.

Wondering why his hand was hovering over his head? I was too. Well, perhaps he was checking if he could somehow debunk his fellow scientist, Newton’s claims by hoping if gravity wasn’t intact for even that one second!

One of my entries of the 3 day Katha Club creative writing workshop I recently attended =)

=) #Theory 005

Has someone let you down?
Something you didn’t want has come upon?
In some way you feel you don’t belong?

Some rules, that don’t seem to fit you,
Or some how the whole world’s against you,
Or something just doesn’t feel right?

Don’t cry
Just come on out
Come outside your shell and smile
Smile like you mean it
Smile like the world can’t bring you down
Smile like hapiness is something you’ve found

Because there’s a perfectly good reason
Of why you should do exactly that
No man, no woman in no time, no season
Is going to set things right
No force, no shadow in no space, no hollow
Would you fall, with the inabiltity
To get back and pick yourself up

After all it is eventually the belief
That you follow your own rules
You set yourself against the world
to believe in what you do
And to achieve the highest benchmark

Don’t shy
Just stand back up
With your head held high
Walk like you are as confident as ever
Feel like you have set everything right
Fly to achieve that goal you’re after

And you might just smile for real this time.

                                                              This way for more life theories.