My Life in a Nutshell

You’d know that I usually don’t post about stuff that happens in my life. My life is no adventures of Scooby Doo and gang. Although today I am in the mood of something of that sort. Not going on a mission to find and defeat a mummy, but writing something about me that struck me a while ago.

I deal with a lot of situations in life in a lot of different ways. Somehow a smile and an awkward, but solving-things-for-now kind of gesture works all the time. A particualr two emojis are my life, in a nutshell. Let me explain.

If you’ve been here only for a short while, and we haven’t been acquainted that well, let me tell you that I’m not the biggest romanticist when it comes to poetry. I follow a bunch of incredible writers who have a way with the pen to produce elegant poems. These people gave me a shred of courage and inspiration to do the same. Writing 201 came along just then and I thought that this was the world giving me a sign, so I signed up. Somehow the rhymes cooperated and I didn’t suck as much as I thought I would. emoji

Oh you’re clicking photo? Wait for me to awkwardly try a new pose and eventually end up doing a wide grin with all my pearly whites showing. My fingers spring up automatically in a peace sign to show how exuberant I am, or how exuberant I want to be captured as in this memory even though I’m severely depressed that someone ate the last piece of fries. emoji *click*

I’m secretly in love with Flynn Ryder. Eugene Fitzherbert. Enough said. emoji

Whenever I do something terribly wrong or mess up with someone’s stuff because I’m in a hurry to reach the library as soon as the lunch break starts (because I’ve already finished my lunch in between of classes, obviously!), I apologize. I apologize and in the end say something along the lines of “I’m so sorry but get this, this probably happened because the universe has something amazing in store for you that would happen only if this moment right here happened, hence triggering a chain reaction leading right up to it. Right?? Okay byee.” Cue teethy smile and peace sign. emoji Cue running away before they pose a remotely valid argument against you.

Sometimes, people are stupid. No matter how kind hearted you are, at times you just can’t forgive a person for being so unreasonably unintelligent on the most simplistic matter there exists. I deal with situations like these by simply nodding, knowing that no amount of reasoning would shut them up. Do the smileyy“hah okay” and suavely walk away before they release the ‘I read so on Yahoo India’ hatchet.
If you don’t know what I mean, Yahoo India has the richest collection of the world’s most redundant news as an excuse for a place on the internet. Take all offence. peace

I’ve got two days for school to reopen and an amount of work to be done which I don’t think I can even count. I’ve been binge reading & binge watchig and doing everything I wanted to do in this break which most definitely did not include sitting immersed in my textbooks. Haven’t started with a thing. smileyypeaceYet. Because I’ve got no other choice and I’m dying.

I almost never get into verbal arguments. I listen to how ridiculous my opponent in a potential mortal combat sounds voicing his/her opinons and just do my thing. emoji I’d rather pick flowers, instead of fights (oh, Adam).

I did a 5 day yoga course recently and I’m not going through the trouble of staying ‘cool’ and all that jazz, and will candidly say that I loved it. Yoga peace. peace

That’s it for now.

Catch you around. emoji

Yours ConfusedAndCrazilyCurious,


14 thoughts on “My Life in a Nutshell

  1. You’re like my twin from another mother O.o I use the teethy smile extensively in my day to day communications (both verbal and Whatsapp-y) It’s my way of saying “Yeahhh yeah I get it ha-ha see you later I’m busyyyy don’t talk to me pleaseee.”


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