It’s Way Past My Bedtime

It kills me how I don’t write often enough. No, wait, it kills me how I can’t share with you guys the bajillion things that I want to share with you. Yeah, that’s more like it. All the writing piece ideas aside, I generally have a lot of things to show and talk to you about. Since, you listen (listen through your mind, probably? Because you’re reading this in your mind? =D) unconditionally through my ceaseless loop-de-looped strings of words, let’s bring on the sharing process, shall we?

Recently, I came across a cover of The Hanging Tree by a YouTuber and instantly got obsessed with it. Upon hours of binge watching videos, and somehow staying on the same channel and weirdly watching a few videos over and over and over again because they were so amazing and bizarrely fangirling about how Carrie Hope Fletcher was my best friend, I figured how awesome it is that I get to connect with this person from miles away & yet, feel the desperate need to want to talk to her even though she’s one of the cool kids and I’m certainly the awkward dopey one. (Lol I’m so terribly sorry for that last sentence being so long. This is one of my life problems.) So I watched all her videos that comprised of impeccable covers, genuine talks, life lessons, book reviews, and a lot more which included stuff like her journey of her dream of writing her own book (coming to reality) and her dream of her journey to Disney World (again, coming true!). I know that you must be asking yourself why you’re reading this post about me rambling on about some girl you have no idea about. But, hang on just a bit. I’m coming to my point.

The internet is an amazing place.  

That was it. The internet continues to amaze me of how it holds so much information and such a plethora of resources for sharing as well as using. And the people. YOU GUYS. Need I say more? Connecting and establishing ties with people you’ve never met but who are simply and truly great for what they choose to portray themselves as is fantastic. Do you meet people everyday that share the same interests with you and go ‘Saaaame!!’ on everything you say? On the internet, you can.

If you think the internet is an unfriendly place, go off the comments section of a parrot riding a bicycle, arguing about the colour of the cycle or the squawk of the bird. Go visit The Nicest Place on the Internet for a hug. Save yourself some trouble by not involving yourself in unwanted ventures or relationships with anything/anyone on the internet even remotely hazardous to you. I can guarantee to you that the internet is a dreamer’s utopia and a creator’s heaven. But, it’s also filled with thorns like that on roses. You’ve just got to be careful how you handle it and feel awesome by taking all precautionary measures- to act the way you want to.

Anywho (which I know is grammatically incorrect but I use anyway because I like how it sounds), one video that all of you NEED to watch is this one. This girl is extremely talented and is the girl that I was mindlessly going on about a few minutes ago. Do check out her channel ItsWayPastMyBedTime for some pretty cool stuff.

Skip to 1:45 if you’re in a hurry. We misfit together ♡

P.S. She looks like a blonde Merida and I love that.

P.P.S. It really is WAY past my bed time right now.

P.P.P.S. I’m going away for a 3 day creative/story writing workshop to a nearby city from school, so might not be able to post for a while. But I’d love to share my experience with you all soon, because I think it might be a pretty enjoyable one.

Do Not Cheat

It seemed like it had been a while since the winds had last visited. The land was deserted and cracked with the sun beating down on it. A bald eagle, tired and exhausted of the extreme heat of the sweltering earth, perched on the ridged ground. Right beside it lay Russell Fletcher, profusely perspiring and barely alive. His heart thumped uncontrollably out of the shock of just having been pushed out of an aeroplane with nothing whatsoever for himself, except a parachute to spare his only remnant possession- his life. All his energy, hunger and sanity levels were dipping down with every second that passed. With his inventory of weapons and all modes of currency he’d once had undoubtedly lost, the situation that Russell was in was very close to being hopeless. He was just a breath and a half away from losing consciousness again, when he spotted a roll of parchment that the eagle held clutched in its feet.

‘We’ve dropped you here for a reason. Move fast and reach your destiny. If you try to cheat us, you’ll have to pay.

We’ve held Rianna as hostage. Do what you know you’ve got to, and do it soon. And DO NOT CHEAT, or your sister’s fate will slip right through your fingers.’

“Ugh. I could get things done very easily, but I know that they’re tracking me. Can’t take that risk. I just cannot lose Rianna, she’s the only one I have.”, Russell thought to himself, getting up to make a move.

Suddenly, the world heard a loud and evident click sound. And everything went into a sudden standstill.

“Yo Pete! How do you like the game? I’ve heard Retribution 3 is the best yet in its series, so couldn’t resist getting it for you!”

“It sure is, Uncle Roger! I just paused the game for the first time since I sat down to play! I think I know what I’ve got to do but might need some cheat codes to notch up Russell’s energy and hunger levels. I don’t see any legit way I can do that in this scorched desert place! The story is intense and the characterisations are just too good!”

My Life in a Nutshell

You’d know that I usually don’t post about stuff that happens in my life. My life is no adventures of Scooby Doo and gang. Although today I am in the mood of something of that sort. Not going on a mission to find and defeat a mummy, but writing something about me that struck me a while ago.

I deal with a lot of situations in life in a lot of different ways. Somehow a smile and an awkward, but solving-things-for-now kind of gesture works all the time. A particualr two emojis are my life, in a nutshell. Let me explain.

If you’ve been here only for a short while, and we haven’t been acquainted that well, let me tell you that I’m not the biggest romanticist when it comes to poetry. I follow a bunch of incredible writers who have a way with the pen to produce elegant poems. These people gave me a shred of courage and inspiration to do the same. Writing 201 came along just then and I thought that this was the world giving me a sign, so I signed up. Somehow the rhymes cooperated and I didn’t suck as much as I thought I would. emoji

Oh you’re clicking photo? Wait for me to awkwardly try a new pose and eventually end up doing a wide grin with all my pearly whites showing. My fingers spring up automatically in a peace sign to show how exuberant I am, or how exuberant I want to be captured as in this memory even though I’m severely depressed that someone ate the last piece of fries. emoji *click*

I’m secretly in love with Flynn Ryder. Eugene Fitzherbert. Enough said. emoji

Whenever I do something terribly wrong or mess up with someone’s stuff because I’m in a hurry to reach the library as soon as the lunch break starts (because I’ve already finished my lunch in between of classes, obviously!), I apologize. I apologize and in the end say something along the lines of “I’m so sorry but get this, this probably happened because the universe has something amazing in store for you that would happen only if this moment right here happened, hence triggering a chain reaction leading right up to it. Right?? Okay byee.” Cue teethy smile and peace sign. emoji Cue running away before they pose a remotely valid argument against you.

Sometimes, people are stupid. No matter how kind hearted you are, at times you just can’t forgive a person for being so unreasonably unintelligent on the most simplistic matter there exists. I deal with situations like these by simply nodding, knowing that no amount of reasoning would shut them up. Do the smileyy“hah okay” and suavely walk away before they release the ‘I read so on Yahoo India’ hatchet.
If you don’t know what I mean, Yahoo India has the richest collection of the world’s most redundant news as an excuse for a place on the internet. Take all offence. peace

I’ve got two days for school to reopen and an amount of work to be done which I don’t think I can even count. I’ve been binge reading & binge watchig and doing everything I wanted to do in this break which most definitely did not include sitting immersed in my textbooks. Haven’t started with a thing. smileyypeaceYet. Because I’ve got no other choice and I’m dying.

I almost never get into verbal arguments. I listen to how ridiculous my opponent in a potential mortal combat sounds voicing his/her opinons and just do my thing. emoji I’d rather pick flowers, instead of fights (oh, Adam).

I did a 5 day yoga course recently and I’m not going through the trouble of staying ‘cool’ and all that jazz, and will candidly say that I loved it. Yoga peace. peace

That’s it for now.

Catch you around. emoji

Yours ConfusedAndCrazilyCurious,


My Dilemma

Day 8, Writing 201, Poetry
Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio

My tastebuds have always had a liking
For burgers and fries
The yummy and greasy finishing
Alongside a drink with some ice

With a little bit of mustard and ketchup
And mayo and some more dipping sauce
Hogging on all of it with a smack & a slurp
Was when it hit me- my health was in for a toss

I resolved to eat salads and fruits alone
My motive was to ignore the frequented stalls
Regardless of what lip smacking food on the menu was shown
Because then I knew I wouldn’t fit into my cute new over-alls

For a week it all did go as planned
Frequent swigs of pure and healthy, hydration
Water and more water with meals extremely bland
“It’s okay! I’m working towards a healthier me”, remained my soul motivation

Seconds after minutes after hours after days
After all urges held back and a tough self-discipline
A tiny little thing broke my strife- a packet of Lays
A bite into a few chips, I felt like I’d sinned

But somehow a packet later, I felt a relief like no other
A little thing I learnt that day, gone were the times
When I thought over about my consumption and did bother
To follow a strict diet; those were some tough times!

I still did miss the lost dietician in me
And wondered what my mother would say
As she wisely did, “Self control, and not suppression, is the key
A slice of pizza once in a while is quite okay.”

Here's my dilemma, one half of me wants ya, and the other half wants to forget ~Selena Gomez (not the right context that she intended in her song, but still fits here way too correctly.) :P

Here’s my dilemma, one half of me wants ya, and the other half wants to forget ~Selena Gomez (not the right context that she intended in her song, but still fits here way too correctly.) 😛

This is an honour to the sad departure of the self-control part of my mind and brain. Can you feel the pain? Lol I’m so sorry for being a disgrace to elegies. Maybe this poem could be the subject of a future elegy of running out of good poetic ideals. Yeah.  

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Writing 201, Poetry , Day 4
Imperfect. Limerick. Enjambment.

Drawing perfect circles, or cooking your favourite dish,
They never come out quite as you wish,
Jagged lines, or a dash too much,
You embrace them anyway, as such,
However quirky, or kiddish.

The one burnt chip amongst a bagful,
The ugly duckling amongst the beautiful,
Imperfections? Not at all.
It’s the idiosyncrasies that make them stand tall,
‘Cause being true to oneself is undoubtedly blissful.

After all, impeccability isn’t everything.

Happy in My Skin

Writing 201, Poetry, Day 3
Skin. Prose Poem. Internal Rhyme.

Smooth and sound, covering me all over; protecting and possessing every inch that I travel.

My skin, my front cover, with a tinge of what’s inside; it embodies my soul & all my bizarro hobbies.

It hears a beat that identifies with the heart and it knows, hears a sound so calm, it shows.

Hears the coming of excitement through the winds, it enlivens.

The cold and frosty atmosphere it welcomes and lightens.

The goosebumps that suddenly appear show the world my extreme excitement, fear or the others from my emotions’ bracket, unless my skin’s covered in a long arms jacket.

My skin shows my confident, happy-elf, invigorated self.

Gives me ten-thousand reasons why I should be happy in my skin every time I have a whim of dim.

A Perfect Present

Writing 201, Poetry, Day 2
Gift, Acrostic, Simile

A time for celebration ’twas

What do I gift her?”, my idea production was at loss
Running out of time, as I’d booked dinner at nine
I was perplexed like a lost kid as we sat to dine
Severely indecisive my mind was, beyond all seams
To decide on what to gift the woman of my dreams
Which would do justice to our love-infinite
As she sat across me with a smile so bright
Two things were on my mind- one was her, while
Concluding on a materialistic thing
Having the capacity to convey my love, was the other

All my spirits leapt like jets of water
Now that my eyes had spotted a corner
Dash, I went as I muttered excitedly, “Darling, just a second!”

A perfect present I’d found, I reckoned
Little did I know, how like minded my soul mate was- so lovely
Like’ was an understatement, she loved it whole heartedly

Mine you are as I’m all yours”
Your time’s yours- all yours”

Time is boundless and so is my love”
I‘ve got a forever as long as it’s you I’m thinking of”
My mind message had been delivered
Everything seemed to feel just right, ah

-The thoughts of a confused, lovestruck fella

The Quintessential Screen

Writing 201, Poetry, Day 1

Day 1: Screen, Haiku, Alliteration

Screens of all kinds
Bright, illuminated & never static
Imparting wit and wisdom

TVs, laptops & cellular phones
Screens all through the day and at dawn
Upholding technological times

Quintessential of ’em all
Helps perceive the ends of the earth
-the retina of our eyes

Interprets indescribably
The beauty unravelling to an open eye
The screen of vision, touching lives


This was my first entry of Writing 201, Poetry that I’ve taken up in an effort to really notch up my poetry writing skills. Will be posting a poem each day for the next 10 days save the weekends. Please pardon me as I walk the high heels of elegant poetry as a 5 year old. I might not have the best strut, but I’m learning. Do stick around =)

(Alliterating all the way)