A World O’ Words

Words are my latest obsession. Writing them, reading them, deciphering them, doodling them, engraving them on my desk while unconsciously listening to the mono-drone of class- I believe that they’re what keep me sane.

Buzzfeed drops videos once in a while that are pretty interesting along with being captivatingly brilliant like the Cheetos taste tests (haha kidding. But for real I might have watched that about 8 times now) 😛

Anyway before I waste these precious words with any more mindless babbling, here are a few things that connect me to the world of words. Do check them out, and please let me know about any that you guys know about. =)

I didn’t know how to make a blank space here, so I just whitened out this text haha. I’m smart.

There’s a facebook page called Word Porn. Yes, you read that right. This what they’re all about. ♡


I try out cryptic crosswords and give them my best because they make the hints so damn convoluted. I know it’s supposed to be cryptic.

7 words is pretty fun too.

And then, there’s also whipping up your own web of words to bring this thing that exists in your head to life (whilst making or not making sense) that I adore doing.

Universal Annoyances

So here’s a list stuff that messes with my (and probably your) head with its mere existence, while I should actually be studying for my exam scheduled for tomorrow.

Tongue Burns
This is most likely to happen when your most favourite meal is being cooked and you can’t wait to taste it because you’ve already gone to the kitchen about 25 times in 5 minutes to check if it’s done cooking. Generally your mom or whoever else is cooking it, would give you the stare with a retort of ‘Hold your horses, young, lady.’ Either way, this over excitement leads you to a soul connection to the beloved food, disregarding all warnings of it being steaming hot. So, you can’t resist but have a bite and finally quench the case of food-lust that you have. And voilà! There you have it- a burnt tongue which gives you the incapability to sense any taste for the next 5 days or so.

Pressure Cookers
How is one supposed to keep their mind at peace when the vessel in which their yummy food is being cooked could almost explode at any moment? At least that’s what I think a pressure cooker would do of I leave it on for too long (Hence, the undercooked rice every time). I mean, come on, it literally has pressure building up inside of it. What are the odds of an explosion incident with flying pieces of rice all over the kitchen not happening?

The Captivating Counter
Marketing strategies are at its peak when people are willing to buy hair-products advertised on an informercial by an incredibly famous bald person (okay, slight exaggeration). I don’t know if it’s the midnight brains of people, that still leads them to buy stuff off 2 AM TV or if it’s a mind game that some very smart salespeople have conjured. One of these that almost everyone falls for is the counter of candies, bubblegum and god-knows-what placed right next to the cashier at the supermarket. Those counters have a spell enough to lure a 30 year old man with no kids to buy a kinder egg with yummy chocolate and a toy which even a 6 year old would be least interested in.

Buffet meals are a trap. There you go thinking, ‘Oh let’s pay for a fancy meal and eat all that we can, because we do this only once in a while.’ Hotels with buffets should go home satisfied everyday for deceiving the poor souls of happy foodies. Even when you skip breakfast to make the best of your money and filling your tummy, you can’t take more than a strand of noodle 20 minutes into the meal because that’s how much you’ve managed to eat that soon. Only with strategic planning and shutting your brain up when it thinks of going for the 4th bowl of that delicious soup, can a buffet truly be redeemed.
But all that said, the person who came up with the idea of a buffet system is genius because I personally love it.

Wow, I just realised that all that I’ve listed down’s somehow related to food.


In a nutshell.

Lol thanksforreadinganyway. Bye =)
*Picks up sad, neglected textbook*

Shout-out to punchallyourbuns.deviantart.com for the graphic supplement to comprehend my sentimental feeling towards edible entities of scrumptious-ness.

Time’s Your Witch: #Theory 003

Five Minute Rant Okay, so I’m not great at timing

So here’s the thing. When you think you can get a certain task done within a mental deadline,  it isn’t the easiest task to achieve it. Most times it’s probably because you overestimate your capabilities and set unreasonable goals. Otherwise, it’s because of you getting hooked to watching an episode or two of your favourite TV show- which accidentally turns into a season or two.

*hint hint*

*hint hint*

On an online-binge-watching-youtube-videos-spree, I once heard Oprah say that we all like to believe that we’ve been given this life for a purpose. Most of us live our entire lives in the pursuit of finding this specific purpose that gives life to life. Some die finding it, while some die to find it. Either metaphorically or literally, we’re all under certain pressures to complete a number of tasks to make the course of our life worthwhile. Time, as a lot of us know is an extremely non-cooperative factor, nay a witch. You might think of ‘witch’ as a euphemism for an interchangeably impulsive word which might do justice to the horrible toll that time takes on us, but these pieces of digital text want you to think otherwise. Witches have all kinds of spells up their sleeves. Show them your best of abilities, and they will have just the right spell to defeat you in every way possible. They’re extremely clever and possess the intellectual disposition of wizardry and witchcraft, that outdoes the human brain any odd day. But, they’re also unreal. (FYI I’m all in for team HP, and am also in the process of becoming a potterhead)

For real, witches are a figment on imagination, and so is time. Yes, the world is ageing with every second that ticks on the clock, but isn’t it we who have given numbers to time, and restrictions to time periods? It’s the order of society to go to sleep at night and wake up at the break of dawn. It’s the order of society for a year to get over after the sun rises for the 365th time in a row. Sure, everything comes to an end for everyone that there is, but should time really be a hindrance in doing all that you do?

Punctuality is one thing, but productivity is another. Time restrictions usually mess with the flow of your thoughts and their interpretation. In the hustle bustle of today, the only legitimate advice to give anyone would be to start early and to take your time. Since the rest of the world follows the ticking hands of a mechanical device, play along while you make time yours.

Time’s your witch. (euphemism intended) You don’t have to follow the clock. Rather, make your own rules.

Classic Calvin.

Classic Calvin.

This just turned into an unintentional life theory. Huh. Well, anyway, do check out #theory001 and #theory002 if you’re up for some more cheesy, philosophical yet real and insightful stuff. =)