Infinite Ideas

Ideas are evocative, inspiring, thought-provoking, bamboozling and just crazily applaudable.
I mean, one cannot simply get away without a noble prize equivalent of bowing down to them, for coming up with something as brilliant as the drinkable book. This might sound bizarre, but this concept actually exists and works pretty effectively. While there are a handful of extremely cruel people behind poisoning food as simple and vital as instant ramen noodles, there are people who want to see society progress and not slowly die of hunger because of Maggi being the only thing some people can manage to cook without setting their house on fire. The drinkable book, brought into a relatively popular use just recently, is truly a monumental invention which filters water found anywhere on earth to a potable form. All you’ve got to do is tear a page and pass the water through it, which gets purified through the sieve like filter so intelligently embedded in the paper.


Now isn’t that super convenient?

Jumping back to the idea of ideas, this is something that needs to be said. Ideas are an incredibly myriad thing. I bet you that there are more ideas on this planet (and other genius advanced alien planets) than there are grains of sand on all the beaches put together.

Every human brain comes up with extraordinary ideas of its own, half of which are given a concrete form by executing them. And according to my slightly inadequate math skills, I’m guessing half of an infinity of ideas is again an infinity of ideas!

The question now is that, is there enough space to accommodate all these minds working in their own unique way?

Well, because at this rate, infomercials would extend to daytime television too. After all, people need to know about broomstick skates, and cobweb cleaners, and karaoke machines with 34,566 songs from the 60’s preloaded! They’re all bare necessities.

11th and 12th graders would have 9 or 10 additional volumes of books for subjects like organic chemistry and thermodynamics to the already burdensome 2. The added discovery of elements to the periodic table will lead to printing them in a foldable-map-like manner.

It would become impossible to decide which poems should go in the syllabus of students considering how many captivating poems there exist on the internet, with their writers who ought to be as lauded as Shakespeare himself.

Libraries would become larger than ever. We would have an instant version of every dish that’s ever made. Holograms will alter the retort of ‘get out of that darned screen’ to ‘look places other than that darned screen’.



The only conclusion I can think of after this exhausting idea of ideas is that maybe the order of nature is as it is. Edwin Hubble proved the theory of the Expanding Universe ages ago. Maybe the universe is expanding in every aspect and dimension.

Unspoken Words


Words bring life to thy emotions
Whenever they get the chance.

It’s like going through the motions
Of a swiftly gallant dance.

Words convey remorse & sorrow
When interjected by whimpers.

And otherwise with love to borrow
They’re the happiness harbingers.

Words are best said as they are
True & unedited, they speak loud & clear.

While otherwise are left unspoken by far
Effortlessly understood by thy near and dear.

Stage Your Fears

I’ve written a post about this before, but I feel like talking about this problem of mine will never be enough. The irony here is that I wouldn’t ideally want to talk about it, since talking in itself is what’s putting my mind through a crazy amount of uneasiness.

There, I said it. Talking to people at times, scares me.

*hides behind digital-thought-interpreter*

But hey, social anxiety gets to a lot of people out there doesn’t it?

It’s just that when in conversation with a lot of people, I don’t open up enough to express all that’s going on in my head. Second guessing becomes my first priority. After everything I say I feel like I want to jump at the words, and take them back in just because of an instinct telling me that I should’ve never gotten into this conversation. Blame me for being anti social, but at times I feel like not talking at all. Being in a bubble where people wouldn’t bother me sounds great. To think to yourself, write, read, skip, dance, or twirl without being questioned- who wouldn’t want that kind of a space for themselves? For a person who’s pretty extroverted and loves to be in the company of people, I think this is more of a phase for me than a series of mood swings.

The rock bottom is when it comes to speaking in public. I could make announcements and informal deliverances without an effort, but when people throw in any of the words like seminar or speech or presentation, my head contacts and tells all the grey cells in my brain to forget everything I’d ever prepared on the topic I was about to speak about. I end up drawing a blank seconds into the speech. My mind starts to wander in all directions and my feet start to tremble a bit because of my inadequacy to get a sensible combination of words to come out of my mouth. The minute I walk on to this raised platform they call a stage, with other human beings even in the slightest looking at me, I lose my cool. Somehow I go from having spoken english my entire life, to messing up a sentence as simple as ‘how are you?’.

Is it just me?

Anywho, there’re no second thoughts that stop me from wordpressing to impress. Haha just kidding. I read this piece about 25 times before posting it. xD


Trying to post much more frequently. Getting there. Trying, to get there.