Keep On Keeping On: Theory #001

I come up with a lot of theories pertaining to life. Before you knock on my door to burst my bubble, I’ll let you know that I am aware I’m no philosopher. But I am human, and every human, living or trying to live has his/her own notion of how they do what they do & how the world reacts and responds. This is my take on the same.
A lot of times in my relatively short, yet growing life, I’ve felt lost. After a lot of time of being unaware of where to go, I trudge and finally strut along further because the only way out from my troubles I see is to go on. By going further, whether or not in the right direction, (if there is one! another unanswered question) we would be spanning the long journey ahead of us. Laying camp at a spot, not willing to move due to being directionless is pretty pointless. You’ll find countless passers-by with enormous information, if not wise, then a bit different from yours. Maybe that’ll help set you back on track. Otherwise you could believe and trust your instincts. If there’s even a little part of you that says I can get up to go for the rest of my life, then you should let it take control. It might not be smooth sailing immediately, but it would be sailing. That in itself is tremendous progress.
You’ve got keep on going forward.
You’ve got to keep on going.
You’ve got to think forward.
You have got to keep on keeping on.


Life is very similar to a mystery story. You may be leading yourself down a path, oblivious of your surroundings or just be seeing a fraction of it otherwise. Some things you might be certain and some you might not. But some day down the road, it’ll hit you. You’ll realise how clearly, yet cleverly obvious it was in a baffling manner. However, you’ll realise that it wouldn’t have been as much fun as it was if you knew then. If not fun, it would’ve been way different in the least- favourable, or not.
After all, what’s a good mystery tale when you know where the traps are and who the culprit is?

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6 thoughts on “Keep On Keeping On: Theory #001

  1. Very well said, it is a mystery which we resolve as we move forward.. I really enjoyed your blog, and let no one bust your bubble. Young minds are the most curious ones, they have better intake on life than others, they would wanna explore more and know how to broaden their horizon. As I’m aging to my next phase, I’m not too happy when change comes, unlike before, when routine would be the most boring thing. Keep going👍

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