The Answer

I often question the existence of a variety of things, be it good, bad, right or just downright wrong. For some, I get answers. Some answers seem to come from within while some just occur to me when they are meant to. I wonder how things work, how they are supposed to be working and how they would possibly work in the future.

The phenomena that boggles my mind the most at this moment, is life. Days when I can’t seem to think of any reason to be happy, I question life- what it is, how it’s supposed to be lived and how could anyone get through, right till the very end. Confused and caught up in a whirlpool of deep and rather dark thoughts, I’m sometimes well enough to realise what exactly I’m thinking. Sometimes, I have the power to tell  and convince myself to not build up a negative view of the beautiful world that I see. But most times, I do not posses in me the ability to think like a poet who writes poems about the essence of happiness or how happiness is one amongst our vital signs. Rather, I feel like any other average teenager and rant about how ‘sucky’ life is to me and eventually end up in a pit of despair and confusion.

It takes time, but I realise that there are days when I don’t feel this way. Days

when I’m

carefree, singing out loud, laughing at even the slightest of a joke, enjoying what I do and enjoying people’s company, I don’t worry. I forget to worry. What I don’t even realise I have in me at that time, is hope.

Hope that everything is going to be just fine.

Hope that if I’m sad, I will have my friends or probably a song I could listen to, to cheer me up.

Hope that it isn’t the end of the world when something goes wrong.

Hope that there’s an answer to everything.

Hope that there’s hope.

Hope is what keeps us going, because, hope is the answer. 🙂